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10 Best Lifestyle Subscription Boxes in India You Must Know About

Dhruvi Savsani
15 Oct 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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It’s a beautiful Christmas morning and you run downstairs to unbox your presents and aah! What a joy it is! Reality check! It’s not Christmas every day but what if I say it’s there every month? And, that's how subscription boxes came into your life.

Before Unboxing…

It was in 2010 that a subscription box landed on the scene to become first of its own kind. When two curious people met to unravel the fact that finding perfect beauty products is an underrated thought, Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna gave birth to the first subscription box know as, “Birchbox”. From the following year, subscription boxes bloomed and made an industry of its own.

While Unboxing…

What is a subscription box?

It is simply an idea behind the reason people not able to experience all the good products they deserve. Keeping that in mind, subscription box is curated especially for you including products you might have not indulged yourself into before or are not aware of.

How does subscription boxes work?

Before subscribing to any box, they provide you with options of how do you prefer to receive your box? Monthly or annually? Once you strike that off, it allows itself to know you better. You need to pass through a small survey describing what kind of products would you like to receive on behalf of your preferences and tastes. And it’s done! The next thing you know is a subscription box waiting for you in your mailbox.

After Unboxing…

I understand the excitement you hold now after reading the above, and hence here I am with a list of top subscription boxes in India you must sign up for.

Top Subscription Boxes in India you must know about

1.    My Envy Box

My Envy Box provides you with two different boxes on a monthly and yearly basis, i.e., Beauty box and Jewellery box.

Beauty box includes 4 to 5 trial sized beauty products from prestigious beauty brands and Jewellery box includes 2 to 3 designer jewellery curated by established or upcoming designers in association with jewellery partners from Nimai.

Apart from all of these, My Envy Box makes sure that 1% of the revenue from the Jewellery box goes to Made by Survivors. Hence, you are giving your part to the world by just subscribing to it.

2.    Fab Box

Snacks take 20% of your daily intake but are responsible for 70% of the bad things we put inside our body. Henceforth, Fab Box provides you with healthy, fresh, qualitative and variety of snacks every month at your doorstep.

From Nuts to Health bars to cookies, Fab box provides you with unique snacks to calm your savoury feelings. It also works with offering one free meal to underprivileged children with every fab box. So, you are not indulging alone!

3.    Sugar Box

Sugar Box is a one-stop destination for you. They have everything and for everyone from fashion to food. In case you miss a previous box, don’t fret, you can have its access anytime from its revealed boxes or you can even buy the products individually.

You will be surprised by seeing the products they offer. Why don’t you go and check it out!

4.    Glo Box

Glo Box is India’s first beauty subscription box which allows you to personalize your own box by selecting the items you want. Apart from that, it delivers full-sized products rather than sample sized allowing you to take full benefit of what you choose.

I love the fact that it surprises you with products you want but one disadvantage of it is that it only provides you with beauty products. But, that’s okay! One way or the other.

5.    Tea Box

I am a Chaivinist! And I know there are people around you who are one too. So what can be a good surprise for your loved ones than gifting them with a box full of different teas.

Tea Box provides you with finest Teas from India and Nepal. From loose tea to tea bags to even tea ware, they have everything. It delivers your favourite tea every week at your doorstep allowing you to indulge yourself in its aroma and taste.

6.    Krate

Krate acts as your personal stylist; exclusively for men. You need to go through rounds of quiz providing your choices and before you know a box of 2-3 clothing wear rings your doorbell, giving you a new look every month. I would definitely suggest men to try this out, cause obviously why should girls have all the fun!

7.    Bling Bag

The people of its own love to call their jewellery BLING. I am impressed, I mean, me getting blingy jewellery every month is something I would live for. Bling bag as every other box provides you with 2 to 3 designer jewellery according to your provided survey. In addition to this, it also allows you to create your personalized bling bag. AAHH! I am definitely getting my blingies. You should get yours too.

8.    Driftaway Coffee

Coffee and Chill! Driftaway coffee has brought to you some freshly grounded coffee. Taste, Rate, and order. Tada, it's done! It's even simpler than making a cup of coffee. You should absolutely check them out.

9.    Stylecracker Box

It’s all about your style, your budget, and your convenience. 2, 4, 5 or unlimited, get anything and as many as you want.

All you need to do is fill out a simple online form, from which your stylist curates the box for you and delivers it to your doorstep. The biggest benefit from this box is that if you don’t like something you can anytime return it and get it exchanged. A must try one!

10. Scent Box

Okay! So here we come to an end but if we don’t prefer to leave our houses at the end without smelling good, then how can I end this without letting you know about all good scents box.

All good scents provide a scent box completely representing you. Get 3 samples that you like the most from their range, choose one, order it and get a full sized perfume of your choice. Now, you are all ready to leave.

As now you know everything about subscription boxes and what kind of subscription boxes you should try, go on and get one for yourself now. Till then, keep shopping and stay tune! 

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