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10 Best Souvenirs of India You Must Take Away with Yourself

India- A land of Rich Heritage and Culture. We are proud of our diverse cultures which get combined to form one family. The presence of peace, love and brotherhood defines our motto. With different cultures, we have always seen different Art forms. We have observed Beautiful amalgamation of Art, Science and Mankind. India has always nurtured its originality which is stored in form of Handicrafts, Handloom, Paintings, Sculptures, Jewellery, Food and much more. When someone visits and travels India, they must not leave only with memories, but also some unique Indian Souvenirs which represent our country's culture. The Souvenirs of India can be found in various categories like Clothing, Jewellery, Handicraft, Idols etc. We researched about the Indian Souvenirs and were astonished to come across such huge collection! So, we have prepared a list of 10 Best Souvenirs of India to take away. Read the entire post to get amazed!

Indian Paintings

We have never seen a single person unimpressed by the masterpieces of Indian Painters. Madhubani, Warli, Patachitra, Phad, kalamkari, Miniature Paintings are Heart of Indian Painting History. The details of Warli Paintings, colors of Patachitra Paintings and the motifs of Kalamkari Paintings are going to leave you speechless.

indian paintings

Traditional Indian Jewellery

The Traditional Indian Jewellery has really significant space in Indian culture. The queens used to wear heavy, embellished and precious Jewellery. These days too, you can find finest details in Kundan, Bead, Pearl, Jadau, Polki, and Stone jewellery. With these mentioned, Silver, Ivory, Tribal and Pachikam Jewellery are some really authentic and creative Jewellery types of India.

traditional indian jewellery

Handcrafted Puppets

In India, Puppet Shows age back to the time when story tellers were popular. Now, we get manufactured toys and puppets but nothing matches the beauty of Handcrafted Puppets. Earlier, when people didn’t have access to machines, they used to make puppets at home. They used to stitch Traditional Outfits for each Puppet Character. So, the Handcrafted Puppet is a must for Indian Souvenir collection!

handcrafted puppets

Handloom Sarees

 A 6-yard Masterpiece of India! There are numerous types of sarees available in India, according to the religion, location and culture. There are Bandhani, Silk, Patola, Baluchari, Georgette, Ikkat, Kanjeevaram Sarees which would win your heart with their royal look!

handloom sarees

Traditional Idols of India

Indian artisans and craftsmen prepare the Idols of Gods and Goddesses with utmost precision and skill. Not only Gods and Goddesses, but also, beautifully carved creative Idols as showpieces.After moulding and carving, the Idols are painted with vibrant colors. The Traditional Idols are available in several materials like stone, ceramic, brass, copper and gold.

traditional idols of india

Cowrie Shells and Mirror Work

Kutch is famous for its Cowrie Shells and Mirror Work and Also the Hand Embroidery. The regional costume “chaniya choli” for women and “kediyu” for men, have the detailed Embroidery and Mirror Work. These unique designs won’t be present in any of other countries. You would definitely want to have one.

cowrie shells and mirror work

Indian Ayurvedic Products

Ayurveda is very useful and important part of Indian medication and care. Ayurvedic products are made of natural substances which are highly beneficial for our health. They don’t have any side effects on the body. Ayurveda is being used in medicines as well as beauty treatments. We can easily find ayurvedic beauty products in India.

indian ayurvedic products

Diya Lamp

Diya- traditional oil lamp. Diya is a small clay lamp, which is filled with oil and a cotton swab is put in centre of it to light the lamp. During any prayers or worship process, the Diya is lighten. Especially in Diwali, multiple Diyas are arranged on the balcony or at the veranda of the house. Diyas are too available in several styles and materials like, clay, metal, plastic and etc. There are pretty carvings on the Diyas.

diya lamp

Ceramic Dibbi

The Indian kids have always found at least 1 ceramic dibbi (container) at their grandparent’s house. These ceramic containers are used to store sindoor, surma (kohl), tiny objects. There are many sizes of the ceramic dibbi (container), the bigger ones are also used to store Spices, pickles and curd. They are beautifully painted and decorated with bright colors.


Indian Spices

YUM!! Indian Food! Indian Food is famous all over the world and we are more than proud of that fact! The food is delicious only because of the Spices and their speechless combination! The great dishes of India are nothing without the Spices! So, include these Indian Spices in your list of Souvenirs of India.

indian spices

The Souvenirs of India have a really long list, but these are the phenomenal articles! For us, guests are equal to god (Atithi Devo Bhav) and to them we are ready to offer best experience and memories. With the lovely memories of India, don’t forget to takes these unique Souvenirs with you!

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