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10 Diwali Dress Ideas & Tips to Look Your Fashionable Best - Diwali Edition

Vanita Jain
27 Oct 2018
Vanita Jain

An ever smiling multi-tasker and an avid traveller. You can either find her frantically typing blogs for months or lost in the mountains for days!

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Diwali is around the corner and each one has already begun planning for the grand Diwali celebrations, the functions to organize, the happiness that they are about to make and delightful foods and drinks that are going to be served.

However, the most essential part of all the festivities that you are looking forward is (and very difficult) to decide the attire we all are going to wear for Diwali.We sit down today to give you Diwali Dress Ideas today for Diwali 2018

Diwali, unlike some other Indian festivals, enables you to dress up and create a style statement. Considering it is a week-long desi-carnival it gives you ample of scope to carry your best clothes and look your impressive best. Indian wear, Fusion, western, designer-wear, one is course loaded with choice but to come to a conclusion is a challenge.

We understand how crucial it is to dress right for the occasion and it can be quite a task.

Here are Diwali Dress Ideas and 10 tips to look your best this Diwali. The most essential point is to be comfortable and wear your beautiful smile on your face always.

1)     Traditional Ensemble for Diwali

Diwali is a once a year affair but one wants to create memorable experiences.

On the festival of lights, this year put your best foot forward in a traditional ensemble. Wear that beautiful Paithani Saree your mother got for you and pair with the beautiful nathini (nose ring) or wear the gorgeous Salwar Kameez and put on some matching jewelry which will put others to envy.


2)     That's the way -Fusion-way!

If traditional ain’t your oojah, go the fusion way! Blend Indian and western wear.

For men in the house- don the denim you love and the pair it with a Nehru jacket or a Bandhgala with a sexy shirt.

For the ladies in the house- Get into a traditional embroidery skirt with simple and yet chic shirt, accessorize it and make all the diyas flicker!

Source- Beauty and Lifestyle Mantra

3)     The Colors Palate

Colors operate the best irrespective of fashion, gaieties, and styles. Sport a spectrum of colors; plan a special color- dress code for all occasions.

Choose Scarlet Red for Laxmi Pooja, hues of indigo for Bhaidooj, etc. Dress up in multicolored prints and tone down with a perfect bracelet-watch complete the look. Dress to kill (metaphorically!)

4)     Footwear Advice

Good footwear can give your outfit a new dimension. It is the most important part of your ensemble! Footwear really encompasses a person’s understanding of style and fashion.

Go with a pair of gorgeous Punjabi Jutti or Kolhapuri chappals. You can wear nice flip-flops which are stylish and comfortable, decked with designs and glittery stones.

Now wear heels that are comfortable, we advise you to avoid stilettos as they may fret with your outfit prompting discomfort.


5)     Jewelry

Ornaments enhance an individual’s overall appearance. A jewelry that pairs well with your attire and footwear is of much importance.

If your dress it traditional with intense colors wear a statement piece of jewelry like a heavy necklace (so many options are available in oxidized metals).

The trick is to wear minimal jewelry and let it do wonders. Mix n match a pair funky junk jewelry with classic pieces and traditional jewelry with a fusion wear. Go Boho-chic!


6)     Plan a Theme

So if you are planning to organize a fun and trendy Diwali party, go bonkers on color palate. Embellished skirts, statement jewelry along with classic crop tops and stylized jackers will make your party nothing short of a Bollywood movie!

And if it is a sush affair, with light music and more of a family get-together- then long designer kurti with comfortable palazzos with pastels colors, which would guarantee comfort for long.

Wear your traditional best if the occasion is about offering pooja and worshipping the deity.

7)     T- Three- 'The Tribal Trend’

Tribal trend brings out a wilder and carefree side of your personality. Don a semi-tribal attire, wear a nose ring, or a more rebellious septum rings and carry it your sexy outfits with fabulous touches like Kaftans, blouses, skirts, tunics with rich, fresh Indian colors.


8)     Dress Fit

It is very crucial to wear a cut that fits you well and fabrics that drape you well and accentuates the curves of your body. Know your body type and chose a dress that makes you look and feel gorgeous. Look picture perfect!

9)     Unconventional is In

Brilliant colors go really well with all festivities. Diwali should be celebrated wearing eye-catching colors. Go for unique/offbeat colors like tangerine, fuchsia, red and violet, neon or wine red which on the contrarily you wouldn’t wear!

10)  Make-up

Blushed cheeks, winged liner, hydrated and glowing skin, and gorgeous flowing hair is what will make all set for a party ready. For lips go for a bold shade of lipstick, like ruby red or corals and if planning t to wear a bright outfit, pick a subtle tone like a rich pink or a sheer nude lip color.

So, these were some tips and tricks that all of can keep in mind in order to steal the show. Remember to make heads turn, hearts melt and put your Instagram accounts on FIRE! Eat to your heart's content, bond with your friends and family and enjoy the festivals of lights!

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