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10 Food Places in Ahmedabad Your Grandfather Must Have Told You About

Hetal Shah
4 July 2018
Hetal Shah

Hetal Shah is a Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Lifestyle Blogger.

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Amdavadi food is love. The one who tastes the amdavadi food, falls in love with it! the specialty of food of Ahmedabad is its authenticity. The taste of food available here, would probably not be available anywhere else. You might have heard about "Dhokla, Jalebi-Fafda, Undhiyu" and many more items as Gujarati Food delicacies. We would like to tell you that there's, even more, to know about Gujarati and amdavadi food. There are certain places in Ahmedabad which are famous for their delicious food. Well, not just food, they are famous because of the historic incident or story related to their food. These stories are indeed worth a read. We have listed 12 historic food places in Ahmedabad every foodie must try. So, let's start this mouthwatering equally interesting post!

Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is super famous for the lip-smacking food all over Gujarat. If you are an amdavadi, you would have at least ate there twice. The really massive restaurants of Asari kulfi and Gwalia dosa once started their tiny stall at Manek Chowk. The Manek Chowk area for food is around 50 years old and you wouldn't believe there are more than 50 food stalls offering different variety of food items like Balam dosa, pineapple sandwich, chippiya sandwich, chocolate sandwich, Asarfi Kulfi, south Indian dishes like dosa, idli and uttapam, fast food fusions like Chinese bhel, Maggi bhajiya and much much more!

manek chowk ahmedabad

Sabarmati Jail Bhajiya House

Sabarmati jail bhajiya house is situated at the gate of famous Sabarmati jail. The word "jail" means "prison", yes you read that right "prison" and bhajiya means "fritters" which are made of gram flour and tasty combinations of fenugreek leaves, asafoetida(heeng) and cardamom. The surprising fact here is that this bhajiya stall was started by a prisoner from the same prison, around 2 decades ago and now it has turned out to be most popular "bhajiya house" of Ahmedabad. The prisoner who has been sentenced to life imprisonment, carry on this business to support their families financially. You must try that unique flavored bhajiyas!

sabarmati jail bhajiya house

Raipur Bhajiya House

Raipur bhajiya house was started in 1933 by somabhai Patel. At that time, he used to sell 1 kg bhajiya at just 1 Rs! It is located in Raipur. It has been 85 years and Raipur bhajiya house is getting popular day by day. While growing so big, somabhai's son has managed to keep the simplicity and principles of business same and down to earth. He believes that "this is not about money making, but this is our family tradition, we need to keep it going the way my father did". They still have a small shop, no storage, no extra features, just simple bhajiya. The taste of those bhajiya is very pure and you won't find it anywhere else.

raipur bhajiya house

Induben Khakhrawada

Khakhra- roasted chapati with a bit of flavor. The journey of "indu ben khakhrawada" is very inspiring. She belonged form a typical Jain family, where, the working of a woman was considered to be a "big deal" back then. It was when her husband was having health issues, in order to support the family, she started her own little business of making and selling khakhra. Slowly and gradually the business became so popular and people loved the taste of khakhra. By now, she has over 6-8 branches in Ahmedabad and thousands of regular customers!

induben khakhrawada

Das Khaman

Khaman means "a soft juicy and tangy dish made of fermented gram flour". The massive store of das khaman also has an interesting and inspiring story behind its success. The late Mr. Pritam Das used to work in surat based khaman restaurant, from where he mastered the art of making delicious khaman and decided to start his own small business of making khaman. In 1922, he moved to Ahmedabad, rented a small house and started his business. He never compromised with a quality of the food, he used premium quality oil, flour and etc, to maintain ethical and moral values of the business. The "Das khaman" is named on "Pritam Das" who was often addressed as "Das" by people. Now, this huge business is run by his 3 and 4th generation, but still, the quality and taste are pure and same!

das kh amanamdavad

Lucky Chai

This restaurant has had many interesting facts and stories behind its popularity. Once, MF Hussain visited Ahmedabad for his a painting exhibition and had tea at Lucky Tea Stall. He was so impressed by the tea that next day he again visited the tea stall and gifted them one of his popular paintings. The painting is worth more than 1.5 crores. Another shocking thing is that lucky restaurant has coffins placed really close to the dining area. Well, the graves are maintained regularly and are decorated with fresh flowers every day. Now, besides tea, the restaurant also sells fast food and south Indian dishes.

lucky chai ahmedabad


Chandravilas restaurant and dining hall is over 119 years old and is still ruling the hearts of Gujarati people. Chandravilas was started by Chimanlal Joshi. It is mainly famous for the exceptional "Gujarati Thali" in which various items like, green veggies curry, chapati, bhakhri, paratha, potatoes and poori, lentils, rice, dal, farsan and sweets, and all this at just Rs. 1. Another reason for which the "Chandravilas restaurant" is famous is, During 2002, the Godhra riots had destroyed many of the nearby shops and buildings, making Chandravilas a victim too. Just in front of Chandravilas, was a pen shop of "Zahir Maniar". They both had lost their shops, so now they had to rebuild it from scratch. This duration was a great example of "communal harmony". It took 10 years to start the restaurant again perfectly. Now, the 4th and 5th generations are handling the restaurant and they have 500 customers every day!

chandravilas ahmedabad

Navtad Samosa

Navtad na samosa is one of the most popular shops for best samosa in Gujarat or perhaps India. Samosa- is an Indian cuisine which is triangular stuffed and fried pocket, often combined with chutney(dip) and chilies. The founder of navtad samosa, jaswantrai pipavat, holds an MA degree in Economics. He started his own tiny cart of making and selling samosa with the unique variety of stuffing like potatoes, peas and etc, nearly 40 years ago. Now, he has a well known established business of "navtad na samosa" in Ahmedabad with several branches.

navtad samosa ahmedabad

Kandoi Sweets

The most famous Sweets king of Ahmedabad is "kandoi bhogilala mulchand" sweets. In the year 1854, two brothers started a small shop of sweets with one vision- "best quality sweets for special moments."They started their small manufacturing and selling in Manek Chowk. Slowly and gradually, people started loving their sweets because of premium taste and hygiene, be it Kesar peda, Moti choor ke laddu, halwa, Kaju katli, kopar pak and what not! Now, they have 6 stores and 2 manufacturing units in the entire city. They have also started making namkeen and farsan items like cheese sev, dry kachoris, traditional Chavana and much more. You must try the traditional Gujarati sweets from Kandoi Sweets.

kandoi sweets ahmedabad

Jasu Ben Na Pizza

Jasuben- another inspiring entrepreneur lady of Ahmedabad. Jasuben originally lived in Pune, then in the 90s, she came to Ahmedabad and with an innovative idea of making pizza, she started her business with a couple. The pizzas have thin maida crust and tomato puree, topped with chopped veggies and Indian cheese. The pizza is then seasoned with black pepper. This Gujarati style of pizza was even tasted and appreciated by our respected Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.

jasuben na pizza

So, here you have an ultimate foodie’s list ready. Go and hunt for the best historic food of Ahmedabad. We are sure you would thank us for this mouth-watering and interesting post! Hope you enjoyed reading the engaging stories behind the popular historic food places of Ahmedabad.

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