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10+ Incredible Shoe Hacks Will Make Your Life Easy

Hetal Shah
8 June 2018
Hetal Shah

Hetal Shah

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I know how important shoes are in our lives! I am personally CRAZY for shoes! Well, everyone is. And whenever our favorite pair gets some stain or crease we just get so mad! It is very difficult to see your expensive and favorite shoes getting damaged! Their maintenance is very time consuming and lengthy. Especially for those who are always running late for their work, plans or parties. With this post I decided to share some great shoe maintenance hacks that are going to make your life way easier! Check these out, thank me later.

Toothpaste Hack

Toothpaste can be used as an amazing cleaning agent for your sneakers. Apply some toothpaste on the stained area of shoes and then rub it with a toothbrush. After sometime, rinse it off with water and boom! Cleans sneakers ready!

Note- Don't follow this hack for leather or suede shoes!

toothpaste hack

Tea Bags To Remove Bad Smell

The used tea bags should not now be thrown. You can reuse the tea bags to remove bad odour from the shoes. Put the tea bags in the shoes overnight or for 4-5 hours. And Done!

tea bags to remove bad smell

Heel Replacements

This is my favorite one! These tiny heel replacements can be used for well-worn heels. After a certain time period the bottom of the heels starts to disfigure or tapper. But if the condition of rest of shoe areas is fine, no need to throw them away! Use these heel replacements.

heel replacements

Candle To Make Shoes Waterproof

Ouch!!! Did someone spill the drink on your new shoes? Well, this indeed a common situation we face. To make your shoes instantly waterproof, rub some candle or vaseline over the surface and use the hair-dryer over it for a few minutes. Your waterproof shoes are ready!

Note- Don't do this for patent leather shoes.

candle to make shoes waterproof

Newspaper Hacks

The monsoon season is approaching and again, those flooded wet shoes are going to be a trouble! No, no more! You can use the newspaper to dry out your shoes when a dryer is not available. Take a big piece of newspaper, crumple it and put it inside the shoes till the deepest corner.

newspaper hacks

Nail Polish Remover Hack

There is always one pair of shoe that has stubborn colored stains. That is really disturbing! To remove them, use some nail paint remover over them and rub gently with cotton balls. Also, you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol for the same.

nail polish remover hack

Baking Soda For Shoes

Baking soda is another odour removing agent for shoes. You can put 2 spoons of baking soda powder into your shoes, spread it evenly and leave it overnight. The next day, dust them off. Bam! Odourless shoes!

baking soda for shoes

Heel Protector

Many a times, it happens that the surface, we walk on is really uneven and may be slippery. And when wearing heels, it so so tough to walk on those grounds. To make it easier, attach these heel protectors at the bottom of the heel, which a have wider surface, making it easier to walk on grass and rough ground.

heel protector

Sandpaper Hack

How many times have you slipped because of your slippery shoes? That turns really embarrassing! Use sand paper to eliminate the slipperiness from off your shoes. Rub the sandpaper on the bottom of your shoes till they turn bit rough. Done!

sandpaper hack

To Stretch The Shoes

Can't fit your feet in the new shoes? Try keeping a small plastic bag filled with water into them, then, keep the pair of shoes in the refrigerator till the water is frozen. And you'll get the perfect size shoes!

Aren't these really easy and fun! Try these yourself at home to make your life simpler and shoe maintenance even more simpler!

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