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10 Major Pantone Fashion Colors for Summer 2019

Pravesh Patel
25 Mar 2019
Pravesh Patel

I am a traveler, explorer and techie. I like to indulge myself in vivid experiences and I always keep an open eye to change. Traveling almost the entire nation my sensitivity of art and beauty has crystallized.

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Tis’ the season for colors, summer has begun and we are looking forward for the latest clothes for summer season collection. All the fashion labels have the trendiest and coolest designs for their summer clothes collection.

So let’s talk about color for a while, do you know that generally humans can perceive 10 million different colors. Then, there are some trichromats living amongst us that can see an additional 90 million more colors, thanks to an extra cone cell in their eye, that can see colors in low intensity of light, distinguish subtle differences in two shades. Trichromats are mostly women, god help them while shopping for clothes.

Having said that let us (the normal three-cone celled ones) check out the Pantone colors, you can look for in your nearby clothing stores this summer.

1. Fiesta - Pantone 17-1564 TCX

The summer heat is captured in this color, but in a way it soothes, in a way people ask for it more. Wear it in the sun, you’ll stand out like a bright beautiful person that you are. Color goes well with any fashion clothing.


2. Jester Red - Pantone 19-1862 TCX

The red we knew in school, this tone of red brings back the nostalgia along with a sense of belonging. A solid red, balancing power and warmth very finely. Shiny Jester Red nightgowns or summer coats look profound.

Jester Red

3. Turmeric - Pantone 15 -1264 TCX

This gorgeous summer color could be the mascot color of summer season, you can feel as if this color is in the air above the streets and sands on the beaches. A tank top or maxi in turmeric is a must have for spring summer.


4. Living Coral - Pantone 16 -1546 TCX

The gentle summer color is bright, full of life and bold. This color has a golden hue and a softer tone and is best for all kinds of casual outfits.

Living Coral

5. Pink Peacock - Pantone 18 2045 TCX

This color is another gorgeous in the spring summer fashion collection. It is very feminine, very colorful and full of life, it fills up our senses and takes all the good feeling of the season right into our lungs.

Pink Peacock

6. Pepper Stem - Pantone - 17 0542 TCX

A different shade, but just as lively just as lively. Pepper green has a freshness to it. It is a color that is elegant and rejuvenating at the same time. It gives you a cool, complementing feeling to for summer season.

Pepper Stem

7. Princess Blue - Pantone - 19 4150 TCX

A color of coolness, stillness and depth. This color goes well with any fashion wearable, making you drop dead gorgeous guaranteed.

Princess Blue

8. Eclipse - Pantone 19 3810 TCX

This color is bold, dark and mysterious, the only color you need for fancy summer nights.


9. Toffee - Pantone 18 1031 TCX

If you want to experiment this summer, toffee is the color for you. Callm, playful and bold.


10. Terrarium Moss - Pantone 18 0416 TCX

A darker shade of pepper stem, makes one feel the color of profound and life giving vegetation. Peaceful, calm and inspiring this color is one of the most appealing in the Pantone spring summer list of 2019.

Terrarium Moss

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