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10 Must Have Travel Apps for The Best Travel Experience

Hetal Shah
20 Aug 2018
Hetal Shah

Hetal Shah is a Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Blogger.

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"Once a year, go to someplace you've never been before"- Dalai Lama.

Above words are so true, ask any Travel Lover! Travelling is like feeding that part of your heart which always longs for adventure and meeting new people. Travelling shows us the life and miracles we have never seen before. While travelling we capture memories, places, food, culture, emotions, journey and life.

Travelling should always have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. It should be hassle-free and convenient. You must explore the best but with ease and smooth plans. Many people keep some diaries and organisers to have a well-planned trip. Now the times have changed. We can explore the other end of the world by just a click! Yes, you read that right. While travelling, we want to experience the most beautiful and interesting places and for that, we have got the Best Travel Apps of 2018 ! These "tini-tiny" apps will guide you with organisers, suggestions, pictures, planners, accommodations, flights, currency conversions and a ton of features!

Best Travel Apps 2018 - Well, we have listed 10 Most Helpful Travel Apps You Must Have to make your trip smoother than ever!

Google Translate

We have over 22 languages being spoken in India, 6,500 across the world and we are pretty sure that no one would be knowing how to speak all of them! Google Translate got your back here! Google Translate is important while travelling because it helps you understand the regional languages, and not everyone you interact with, knows "Hindi or English".

Around Me

Around Me is another helpful travel app. Around me is an all-rounder application which lets you find your nearby bars, cafes, banks, restaurants, stations, parks, theatre, and supermarkets. Isn't it very convenient and easy to find such places in the new city just with a click? Well, with such facilities your trip would become a lot simpler.

Google Trips

Google trips, in simple words, is your trip planner and organiser. If you find difficult to organise and store your booking and travel data, command it to google trips, it will collect all your data from the mailbox and set an organiser for you. Google trips give you instant recommendations and suggestions to experience the best places near you! You can even put your day plans and to-do lists there.


Zomato is the new god for Indian Foodies! Zomato is a Restaurant and Food exploring- application. It can be used in India as well as in several other countries. With the help of Zomato application, you can explore the best food in the city you're travelling to. Their special dishes and the best restaurants! Even home delivery option can be used if you're too tired to go to the place.

Culture Trip

To all the people who love to explore and feel the culture of different places, the Culture Trip application is for you! Culture Trip is an application which shares the culture of different countries and lets you know about various aspects of the culture and lifestyle. You can even find out the adventurous, fun and exciting things to do there. The key point here is, you can find about the culture and travel ideas of EVERY country!


LonelyPlanet application helps you with offline travel guide with recommendations, reviews and best choices of the travel instructors. It is packed with offline maps, pictures, phrases, books and audio, all you need for a trip. You can even read the advice and suggestions from the travel advisers to get the best experience in the city/country!


You will literally find this application very helpful. The Trip Advisor application gives you more than 500 Million reviews on booking, hotels, restaurants, flights and much more. You get to know the compared prices of 200 hotel booking sites. Plus, you even get the maps, ratings, and information about the places like parks, adventure sites and etc. See the photos and videos posted by users while travelling!


Head out is yet an amazing application sharing the best of shows, tours, events, travel sites, major attractions, and experiences from 8 beautiful cities – New York, las vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Hawaii, Dubai and few more! Whether you are a spontaneous traveller or a local one, you'll definitely enjoy the places and events suggested by the Headout Application.

Travel Currency Converter

No more confusions or doubts related to the currency of different countries! The Travel- Currency Converter application offers you the conversion of currency from 243 countries offline! So, even if you don't have an internet connection, you can still manage your expenses after checking the accurate conversion!


ZoomCar is an application which makes your travelling in India hassle-free and convenient. It is a self-drive car rental service which has over 20 vehicle options to choose from. Moreover, you get the flexibility to rent it on the basis of hours, days, weeks and months. It is available in more than 20 cities of India! So, if you need a short relaxing trip, you can take all the advantages of this service by ZoomCar!

Apart from all these travel- essential apps, there is one more application which helps you shop the best collection in the city. Every state has its own cultural clothing and accessories. So, every time we go travelling to a new place, along with knowing the cultural, we love to take something from there as a symbol of that place.

ZeepZoop is an application which helps you shop the most offbeat collection from more than 25 cities in India!

ZeepZoop is an ultimate shopping buddy. ZeepZoop lets you discover some really offbeat brands and their offline stores near you to shop from! There is an innovative feature of "E-shops" and "In-shops". With the help of "E-shops" you can shop online and with "In-shops" you can locate the stores near you and do offline shopping there.

Whenever we return from a trip, everyone is waiting at home with "what have you brought for me?" question, so ZeepZoop will help you fetch a gift for everyone! The categories like Clothing, Accessories, Footwear, Jewellery, Home Décor and Souvenirs are Open for you shop from! ZeepZoop is becoming one of the best online shopping apps of India!

These listed Travel Apps for Android and iOs will facilitate you to have a smooth and hassle-free happy trip with your friends, family or even a solo trip! Make your journey memorable, not a mess!

Happy Travelling!

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