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10 Types Of Heels Every Woman Must Know About

We know you ladies are really excited to read this post about the types of heels. Afterall, shoes have such an influence on our lifestyle, personality and of course attitude. The heels, based on their style, design, and material can be worn to various types of occasions. If you wear stiletto heels for casual gathering, you might end up looking really weird. Talking about ladies footwear design, there's an unending list! There are Sandals, Heels, Wedges, Flats, Boots, Slip-ons and Workout Shoes for women. In today's post, we would be talking about the 10 Types Of Heels Every Woman Must Know About. It is going to be really interesting as we would be adding tips for "where to wear type of a heel" So, keep on reading to find out your favourite heel type!

Peep Toe Shoe

Let your toes peep through these trendy peep toe heels. The peep toe heels have a small opening at the front part of the toes. The rest details are quite similar to a regular heel type. There are three heel heights: low, mid and high. 

Tip- Generally, low and mid peep toe heels can be worn to casual parties and formal parties.

peep toe-shoe

Womens Platorm Heels

Platform heels are killer! These have a bit of base beneath the toes. Also, the platform heels can be available in several types, as, peep toes, straps and pencil heel. 

Tip- You can rock chunky platform heels at club parties with mini dress.

Cone Heels

As the name says, this shoe has cone shaped heels. Personally, i think the cone heels are comfortable ones. Cone heels are available in boot heels as well! 

Tip- Wear your cone heels at formal events or at your work place. But don't go for higher heel. 

cone heels

Spool Heels

Spool Heels are specifically designed for mid an low heel. The heel is thinner at the middle area and wider at both the ends, giving larger surface at bottom to walk. The pressure is minimum with these Spool Heels.

Tip- You can wear Spool Heels as casual street look and even at casual gatherings or dinner.

spool heels

Stiletto High Heels

If you don't own a pair stiletto High heels, are you even a high heel lover? Stiletto heels are perfect representation of high heels. They have high (above 5 inches) and usually pencil heels. Like platform heels, stilettos might have thick base sometimes. 

Tip- Wear stilettos to funky parties, where you don't have to walk or stand for much time. 

stiletto high heels

High Heel Pumps

Pump heels are considered classic heels. The reason they're called pumps is - the covering at the toe areas. Usually the covering has narrow fitting and round edges. The pumps also cover both the sides and heel of the feet. These are the must have heels for every lady! 

Tip- Style your high heel pumps with skinny pencil skirt and hot top!

high heel pumps

Womens Wedge Heels

How do get comfort and style in one footwear? With wedge Heels! The wedge sandals have solid support beneath the foot giving the shape of heels. The classic Tan Wedge heels can be paired up with black/rust/brown/green or blue colored dresses. There are numerous styles and colors available.

Tip- You can wear wedge sandals for trip, travel and parties.

womens wedge heels

Chunky Block heels

Block heel counts to be second most comfortable heels for women. These heels have broad block shaped heel and even sometimes there is base beneath toes. The classic black block heels can be worn at routine office days.

Tip- the Chunky Block Heels can be carried at various events. 

chunky block heels

Simple heel Sandals

You don't always need to carry 7 inch high heel sandals or pencil heel sandals. Bit of simplicity is the key to play the game! Bring out your standard/simple heel sandals with straps and wear them with casual clothing like palazzos, ripped jeans etc. 

Tip- Don't wear Simple Heel Sandals to special events. 

simple heel sandals

Formal Heels

For a working lady, it become necessary to own atleast 1-2 pairs of formal heel shoes.The color particularly remains black, brown, dark navy blue or nude. These colors are best for Formal Heels for Women.

Tip- choose low heel for formal footwear as you will have to keep them on for several hours. 

formal heels

Other than this, would you like to have a look at some insanly Weird Shoes or Weird Heels that have some indeed "offbeat" designs?

If yes, then here you go..

The Fish Tank Heels

Naked feet heels

Oh, heel shift!

Super Tall Heels

Missing Heel

Barefoot Heels

Oh oh! These are some crazy Weird Shoes that we came across recently. We know, you too would be little shocked to see these. 

Well, The Types of Heels For Women are indeed designed with care and creativity. The right pair of heels with right outfit can make you seal the deal in one go! Walking in right pair of Shoes creates a sense of inidividuality and power. And we are here to help you pick according to your Style and Fashion! Stay tuned to ZeepZoop for upcoming fashion posts!

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