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5 Best Designer Labels & Brands in India for Statement Jewellery 2019

Dhruvi Savsani
5 Oct 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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I love Statement Jewellery, and what 2018 is offering is just beyond our imagination. It's an investment for your fancy wardrobe. We are surrounded by such designers who have all the possible reasons for us to make an investment in. Be it a chunky statement necklace or a Bluestone gold earrings, these top 5 Jewellery brands will leave you awestruck by their collection.



Recently Vogue made me read about Outhouse’s Exclusive Borla ring featuring on Kim Kardashian West.

Borla in the middle, and pearls and galactic crystals surrounded around makes it a show stopper double finger ring.

Outhouse is all about clusters of Swarovski crystals, rich tones of rose gold, pearls and earthy metals. Statement Jewellery 2018 is making a comeback with cascading crystals, giving you a perfect piece of jewellery for your evening gowns. Little black cocktail dresses or the perfect red carpet attire, Outhouse has all the options for you. Tassel earrings being the most trending earrings of 2018, Outhouse here offers you a Tassel shoulder Grazers; a stunningly beautiful craft piece you wouldn’t want to miss.

Check out this exotic jewellery collection, which is an amalgamation of Swarovski, 22kt rose gold, pearls, metals and everything you want. From earrings to carousel claw rings to hand harnesses to pearl wrapped handcuffs; Outhouse is my personal favourite.

Suhani Pittie

Colour, colour on the wall, which is the most beautiful colour of all?, said my fairy godmother. “I want all; ‘cause all are beautiful.”, was my reply. She said, “Here you go my darling, take them all and be the sparkle from the crowd.”

What is this all about? Is what you may ask me now. And I’ll be your fairy godmother to tell you the answer.

Coloured crystal jewellery will make you shine even from afar. Modern minimalism, metal work, and your favourite colour crystal are equal to the latest jewellery trend. Gold-toned rose vine earrings with tassels, ahhh! A piece to die for!

Giving my opinion, just go for it, take all the risks, play with colours, pair it with all your western outfits, and get ready to rock the world. Suhani Pittie is your blessing in disguise; your fairy godmother.

Tribe by Amrapali

I love her. I know, right? She looks outstanding when she steps out of the car with the perfect 9-yard saree and a pair of earrings I might give thousands for! Really? Thousands? Are you mad? And who is “she”?

She is none other than Vidya Balan, flawlessly draped saree and the best Amrapali earrings are her staple attire. And there are many celebs who choose to go with Amrapali Jewellery when they dress up for the event.

Sterling silver jewellery is something to invest in; Swarovski and pearls come as complimentary. Be it gold plated or silver, Amrapali collection of Earrings and jewellery will not let you down.

Not with designer sarees only, but pairing them even with Indo western or western attires, will make you stand out from the crowd. From contemporary to easy breezy, all the collections by Amrapali will give you all the options for all your outfits. Summing up, I would say it is a one-stop statement jewellery brand you need.


The concentric circles seen on a wooden piece allow you to know how old it is when equals to the number of its concentric circles; marking its maturity. Its a hearty concept embedded in the Nimai jewellery collection making it an ideal gift for anniversaries or birthdays.

These classic concentric circle earrings are made with brass, a thin layer of metals known as patina and finally done with a lacquered finish. Besides all of these, Nimai will also leave you stunned with rosewood wood jewellery. When I saw it, I was like what? a wooden jewellery? But, what I even came to know is that it’s that one odd one out piece which will make people ask you about it.

Apart from all of these, Nimai also offers you one of the most soothing colour of all, Aqua. Only a look at them is enough to make you calm. If that's it, what if we start wearing it?

My second personal favourite, Nimai is something you should definitely invest your hard work money into.


Moving onto my last suggestion of all, Dhora is all about brass and matte gold plated laddos. Wait! it ain't for you to eat. It is these hanging ladoo matte gold-plated necklaces and earrings that gives you all the festive vibes you want. Even it being a simple statement piece, it adds a lot to your ethnic wear.

I would for sure suggest you go for it for Diwali. Something for you or something for your loved ones.

What, other than that Dhora has to offer is a pair of gold finished handcrafted earrings designed in textured holy cow ornamentation. Wow! Who might have thought of that? Well, Dhora did!

And, so here would be my suggestion to make Dhora your Diwali Jewellery brand and let yourself illuminate just as the lights would do.

And, its a wrap! Me, taking your leave from here and will be back on ZeepZoop with more such on the edge choices for you. ‘cause why not to stand out if investing your money into it; buy it without any doubt.

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