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5 Most Trending Earrings Of 2018: Your Trailblazer

Dhruvi Savsani
26 Sept 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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I can’t think of stepping out of my house without wearing a pair of earrings especially when it is the key to boost up my day with confidence. I know you are one of us too. And so I make sure to keep you updated with Trending Earrings 2018. You’ll be thinking what?! We all know what to wear with what. I know! I know! But my friend, you won’t be knowing these simple tips which will let you step up your game.

5 Most Trending Earrings of Year 2018

Number 1: Plate it like Silver

For me, until this year Silver Earrings or Oxidized Earrings were meant to be worn with Ethnic wear only. But lately, I have discovered that wearing Silver Danglers or Chand Balis with my Western outfit not only jazz up the simple look but also lets you show your Desi side. A simple chic white top with glamorous silver earrings will not only keep you comfortable, but will also make you stand out from the crowd.

Look at this gorgeous pair of Jhumka Earrings by THE CHALK BOUTIQUE

We love this Silver Earrings by TRIBE BY AMRAPALI

Number 2: Wiggly Squiggle

Be the odd one out from the crowd by wearing these new style earrings, commonly known as Squiggle earrings. These are those trend setter earrings which curls and loops in an irregular way. As they are mostly found in big sizes, it gives the perfect spotlight contemporary look. These statement earrings go with all your evening dresses and come in different kinds of silhouettes and colors.

Number 3: Rock it as you own it

Be it a feminist or a social Activist, some catchy graphics punchlines on a T-shirt is very attractive for us. Now, what if you get the same in the form of earrings? Yes! You heard me right. Such earrings are known as Pop culture earrings. Apart from attractive punch lines, pop culture earrings 2018 has a lot more to offer.

Get your favorite star painted on an earring or get pop colored hoops or even get your favorite lines on earrings. Okay! So while you think about it, I’ll say I would love to have earrings saying okay! And bye! That’s the thing about these pop culture earrings; it lets you show your individuality and uniqueness.

We love this pop culture earrings by Bunosilo

And This Pair of Earrings by OutHouse will grab all the eyeballs!

Number 4: Minimally Sassy

When it comes to Minimalistic earrings, gold is the first color that comes to our mind. I agree! However, Minimalistic earrings 2018 are beyond gold. Bronze, Silver, Metallic, Pearl, you name it you have it. Besides, it is the sassiest jewelry of all. Have work at day and party at night? Just invest in some staples statement minimal earrings like studs or hoops or huggies, and you are good to go.

We love these statement yet Minimalist Earrings by SUHANI PITTIE

Number 5: Tassel Hazel free

Any girl is obsessed with colorful threads and Tassel Earrings is all about that. Earlier these earrings were only about a bunch of threads hanging from the hook. But Tassel earrings 2018 have really been accelerated. These earrings don’t only come in solid colors to ombre, but is also made in different styles; let it be beaded, braided, or Hooped it will always leave you hazel free.

We love this Tassel Earrings by Bunosilo

And this Statement Tassel Earrings by Outhouse is something you cant skip!

On top of that, these earrings are so lightweight, it’s a treat for people with sensitive ears. Wear it with whatever you want; it will never let you down.

This is it, all you need to know about trending earrings 2018. I’m sure now that I have shared this with you, you will leave your house beyond confidence. Be in touch with me at ZeepZoop for more such trending information and don’t forget you can even find your love here. Just Kidding! It’s not that easy girl, but yes, you will definitely find the earrings you love.

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