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5 Ways to Dress Sexy on Valentine’s Day

Dipali Kotadiya
11 Feb 2019
Dipali Kotadiya

I am suave and sophisticated, I love everything beautiful and my eyes always seeks respite in good art and good design.

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this Valentine’s, we would be your online shopping guide.

Most of the times, people usually freak out when it comes to choosing the best valentine’s day outfit. Dressing up to your best is a big deal that day and we have something in store for everyone of you. You can find the best designer brands around you with our app and bamboozle your partner at the same time.

If you are looking for the perfect valentine day gift for girlfriend, the first thing which you can do is by dressing outstandingly, something which she doesn’t expect at all. You can do the same if you are a girl and want to impress your date with your perfect choice of dress.

Choosing a valentine day dress could be a hard thing if you have an abundance of choices in your closet. However, it is not a hard thing if you could figure out the perfect blend of your apparel and get everything matching. Here, we have provided some of the best valentine’s day outfits for you which are hot and make you stand out of the crowd at the same time.

1. A cold shoulder, he’d love

An off shoulder crop top accentuates and bares just the right parts. Yellow light bouncing off your shoulders while you’re on a fancy date is going to be an enticing sight for him. Choose light colored off shoulder tops rather than dark ones.

cold shoulder

2. An All black Look

Everybody loves black as it is stunning and suits on every person usually. This Valentine’s day, you can try out an all-black look. If you want to be more specific, you can go with a black kurti with black churidar or a jet black dress. Add some color pop with accessories like boots or jewellery to make yourself look hotter.

all black

3. Tweed Jacket and Mini skirt

This Valentine’s day, if you want a sexier look, you can put on a tweed jacket which would go the best with a high-neck blouse. This outfit would be even hotter with a miniskirt (usually black). And do you know what would be the cherry on top for this kind of outfit? Well, you can go with knee-high boots which would make the perfect combination for you.

tweed jacket

4. A shearling coat

If you want to be more casual this Valentine’s day, you can go with a plain tee. Just go with a shearling coat of your choice and on top of that. It looks way too better and as a blend, you can even put on sneakers which can be of your choice.

shearling coat

5. White top with black or blue jeans

A white top is a woman’s closet essentials. To look more presentable this Valentine’s day, you can put on a white top yet make sure it is half sleeves. And with that, you can put on a blue or a black waist jean which would be a contrast and give you a sexier look.

white top

We hope this blog helps you have an amazing Valentine’s day ahead.

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