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5 Ways To Revamp Your Bedroom Like Never Before

Dhruvi Savsani
29 Sept 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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The Bedroom is that part of our home we think about as soon as we are about to end our tiring day. Change is a must; not only in life but even your loving home deserves a one. Be it any room of the house, bedroom is a place which soothes us the most. And, so a timely change in it by adding a splash of colors or illuminating it with different lights will not only mesmerize your eyes but will also keep you mentally happy.

5 Simple Ways To Revamp Your Bedroom Like Never Before

Splash It With Colors

2018 is moving from neutral colors to bold. Bright blue, red or green are the colors of the year, but a pinch of anything (here, neutral colors) never hurts.

Keep your neutral bedding and add bright, bold colored through pillows. Apart from simple printed patterns, also textured ones with fur, tassels or braids gives a depth look to your bedroom.

White or Neutral walls are calming to your eyes, but once in a while, adding a splash of paint to one wall, making it that accent wall which will help you discover new ideas for the bedroom will not only allow the room to elevate but also gives you a good backdrop for your pictures.

Add one or two bright colored decor pieces with some neutral or metal toned ones to make a pallete of your mood.

Illuminate It With Lights

What kind of lightning fixtures you use makes a lot of difference. Changing those fixtures from time to time according to the season and your mood maintains that warmth required. Metal toned fixtures with white or yellow lights are trending in 2018. Investing in geometric shaped, hanging lanterns or chic charlotte chandeliers are a double shot; it not only revamps your Bedroom, but also gives you just the perfect amount of light you require.

Personally, I would even love having bedroom string lighting. We know how trending it is, especially for kids bedroom or for small bedroom designs. Simply hanging those string lights from the top of the ceiling to the bottom is all you need to do. Making it even more interesting you can even use those string lightings as a headboard for your bed with low frame. Besides this, be creative and imaginative and play around with your string lights.


What kind of curtains you use plays a major role in deciding how much light your bedroom will get. Hanging curtains are the widely used ones, but it also makes the room look completely different if not allowed to flow properly.

For the same, make sure not to use a narrow-rod, using a wider rod will allow the curtains to fall perfectly on the frame of the windows avoiding the glass to hide. The utmost important thing is to allow the curtains to make a small, perfect, required pool on the floor and to do that, make sure the rod-to-floor measurement is around 5” to 7”. For small bedroom designs, opting for long curtains from ceiling to bottom allows the room to elevate and also makes it look bigger.

If you are a fan of natural lightings, use layers of curtains with different fabrics, and use it according to the amount of natural light you would love to have. Choose the color of your curtains according to the color palette of the room; neutral colors like gray, white, beige are the best to go for.

A Necessary Touch Of Green

I know it’s a tough job to maintain plants in our home, but it is all necessary to give the bedroom an everlasting fresh look. If you are one of my kind who can’t give time to your plants, opt for fake plants. Nowadays, even the fake ones look exactly like the real ones.

A fiddle leaf fig tree in a metal toned plant potter at one corner of your bedroom gives you a fresh morning. Succulents are one of the most used plant potters. Succulents not only acts as a plant, but because of their small size it also acts as a decorative piece for your tables, shelves or vanity.

Chic plant potters like Ceramic, Stone, Tera-Cotta Or Jute Ones adds warmth and style both to your bedroom.

Head Over Headboards

Changing your bed’s headboard is the biggest change you can give to your bedroom to revamp it. There are different types of headboards available in the market that go perfectly with your mood and choice.

Want a romantic bedroom, go for curved headboards. Want a luxurious feeling, opt for oversized studded or velvet headboards. Want a sleek look, opt for black or white headboard. Want a chic girly look, go for rose gold.

You can even change headboards according to the season, making your bedroom look more aesthetic.

To sum all up, these were the 5 simple ways which will allow your bedroom to be the star of your home. Follow these and you will be a star amongst your friends. Also, don’t forget to check out ZeepZoop for all the things that you would require for revamping your bedroom. A one stop destination for all your solutions.

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