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6 Important Lessons From My Mom: My Fashion Styling Guide

Zarana Rathod
5 Feb 2019
Zarana Rathod

Zarana Rathod is a content marketing strategist and fashion blogger. Love to spend free time indulging in the beautiful world of fashion.

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Personally, my mum was my fashion styling guide growing up, she was the who taught me everything from how to braid my hair in different styles to how to sit and talk. I was lucky that my mum was an avid trend follower when it came to fashion and we in our suburban household always had in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair coming. I remember her sitting with these mags at our teak coffee table beside the lush green bonsai. She is a pretty petite brunette with hazel brown eyes that punctured through space. She has had good design and color sensitivity even though she has had no fashion or design as a subject in her academics or profession. As a homemaker, she lives a very trendy lifestyle and has an androgynous silhouette no less than that of a fashionista.

I’m sure growing up you had and still have your mum as your clothing shopping guide and style icon. If no, we are here to give you a quick touch-up as to some motherly fashion regarding fashion I have gotten from my mother.

1. The size does not matter

It was cognitive dissonance in my head I could, not rely on the size tags on different fashion apparels. My mum was the first person to force me to not do so. I later realized that every piece of fashion differed in size from brand to brand and letters such as S, M, XL, XXL, really does not mean much. It was then I got to know about vanity sizing and would never reply to, “what size you are ma’am?” and would always get every piece tried and tested. Not all brands are as sophisticated as Levi’s to tag different kinds of fittings as well, so it is better to frequent the trial room.

2. Classics are Classics are Classics

My mum always advises me to invest in pieces that are not a product of any frenzies or are not a fad. And she’s right I always choose timeless pieces so that they never get old, in these times when people need a new stimulus always every day, only a few trends stay and those are the classics. May it be accessories or the way a dress is tailored to make sure they have a story to tell, are truthful, bold and they celebrate the industry they are from. This is what makes any fashion accessory timeless and something no in-store shopping guide would tell you.


3. You do not have to buy a different article everytime

I do not know why people frown upon buying the same colored or same textured merchandise? I understand we all need to try different tastes in life but aren’t we equally picky when it comes to comfort and what color and style and style suits us. I have been advised to buy double the things that fit me well or look good on me. Trust me, chances are, the majority of the times that you will not get the same accessory or dress again. I’ve raided all the Nike showrooms and factory outlets to find Dri-fit, free run Nike Tracksuit that I bought two years ago, and they just do not manufacture that design again. Please listen to this advice and if you find those jeggings complimenting you curves the best, throw two of them in the cart.

different article

4. Well, keep politics aside for a while

My mum always brushes off “isms” that are used colloquially, she believes that everything has its pros and cons and we should only do that which works for us and the people around us. She told me something that at first infuriated the 15-year old rebellious me, but with passing time, comments, and unsolicited gawking, I could not agree to her more. Hear me out before you stop reading. I will tell you what I was been told. Who are you actually dressing for? Yourself, right? And would not you want to feel as less awkward as you can? You are not proving anything to anyone by wearing shorts at night. You are going to get the attention and you can’t change the collective ideology of the trouble causing people by irritating yourself and making yourself uncomfortable. If you’re okay with being stared that’s fine but if you’re not then you better clad yourself.

5. When in doubt, dress more

Simple, straight advice if you are not completely aware of the dress code, go overdressed. Get a jacket or an overcoat, if you feel you are severely overdressed then take your coat off, it is always better than to underdress an occasion, unless you’re only meeting a group of friends.

dress more

6. At last, sweetheart...

You gotta radiate confidence, wear what brings your spirit high. If you feel confident with what you’re wearing there is not more to ask. Do not spend an entire event cringing or hiding away just because you had to follow a trend.


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