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7 Shoes Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

Zarana Rathod
20 Feb 2019
Zarana Rathod

Zarana Rathod is a content marketing strategist and fashion blogger. Love to spend free time indulging in the beautiful world of fashion.

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We do not know why are we here in this mighty universe and do you know what is the other thing that we do not know - how many pairs of shoes should a woman own? Shoes are a woman’s best friends. We at ZeepZoop understand and share your love for shoes. Find the best of fashion brands and designer accessories with us and keep making your shoe rack bigger.

In this blog, we have listed out the must-have styles every woman of 2019 should own. Have a good read!

1. Ballet flats

The most common choice for shoes for women are Ballet flats, they are a common day to day choice. They offer ease of use and maximum comfort. They are functional wear that can be paired with almost anything and will not fail to look good alongside any outfit, only if there aren’t obvious color clashes.

2. Sneakers

Most famous among teens. A white pair should are the classiest of choices. There are many variants of white sneakers. These shoes can be paired with almost anything from jeggings to a chiffon dress, making it forever essential footwear.

3. Flat sandals

My personal favorite, flat sandals are simple but they do a lot for you. They can rock ethnic and western look both. Whether they have a back strap or a classic slide-on, flat sandals are a go-to for day to day occasions. The special thing about them is that they are lightweight and they tend to let your outfit do most of the talking.

4. Go-to high heels

Every woman’s favorite, heels! These are the kind of shoes every woman should own. They love to have a variety of heels to choose from but when it comes to heels you should always have the one that you can put on with anything without any thought. It could be, preferably so four-inch heels in a solid color. Keep a pair for any spontaneous night out.

high heels

5. Ankle boots

These boots are the perfect party footwear for women to wear and they help you look effortlessly fabulous.

Ankle boots are often a cherry on top of a stunning outfit. Whether you have these boots with heels or without, they’re classy and look as good with almost anything.

6. Brogues/Loafers

Brogues or loafers these days have become a wardrobe essential. They are a must-have for a more formal look for a normal office day or to a meeting. They can still be worn off-duty as a fun change to sneakers or flats.

7. Knee High Boots

Ideal for when the cold starts to seep in, this bold and stylish footwear not only provide warmth but are also very comfortable. Brown, olive green matte textured boots are recommended in the autumn. These boots are high on aesthetics and they give you a powerful and fashionable androgynous silhouette.

Knee High Boots

ZeepZoop is the online shopping guide for everything classy. You can find the best shoes for women and branded fashion and accessories to pair with the same. ZeepZoop helps you shop fast and shop better.

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