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8 Loveliest Friendship Day Gift Ideas For the Year 2019

Hetal Shah
28 July 2018
Hetal Shah

Hetal Shah is a Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Lifestyle Blogger.

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Friendship Day 2018 is just about to come and we couldn't keep ourselves from sharing these Loveliest Friendship Day Gift Ideas. Friendship is the gift of God, which is priceless. Friendship day 2018 is on the 5th of August. It is always the 1st Sunday of the August month. When we were kids, we used to tie "Friendship Bands and Friendship Bracelets" to our close friends. But these days, the trends have changed. On Friendship Day, the best friends give "Friendship Day Gifts" to each other.

There are roses, chocolates and also, Handmade Friendship Day Gifts. To make your friendship day even more memorable, we have listed some easy and lovely Friendship Day Gift Ideas for your best friends. These ideas are to help you get creative and unique with your Friendship Day Gifts.

Netflix Subscription

Netflix and chill! Yes, Netflix subscriptions are also one of the best friendship day gift ideas. Gift your friends something they can use and enjoy. The Netflix Subscription is available in three different plans- basic plan, standard plan and premium plan. You can choose any of these as per your choice and budget and gift it to your buddy for friendship day. With this gift, you both would get a chance to watch movies and shows together and spend crazy time together!

Netflix with Friends

Amazon Gift Cards

The Amazon Gift Card is a very sensible and useful gift for your crazy shopper friend. If you're not sure about their choices in gifts or any article, then give them the amazon gift voucher so they can shop whatever they want to! This is because when we gift something, the person might or might not like it. That's why, an important point here is that they get the freedom to buy the product of their choice and when it's online, it gets even simpler. Your friend would be more than happy after receiving such a gift from you.

Amazon Gift Cards 

Handmade Friendship Bands

The old-school idea is the new fashion. Handmade Friendship Bands are very easy to make and require limited time. You can watch Tutorials for Handmade Friendship Bands. Some decorative beads, colorful strings, and hooks, that's it! You can even put your best friend's name on the band with the help of clay or glue-gun. And Tada..!! your Handmade Friendship Band is ready!Handmade Friendship Bands

Power Bank, Headphones & Mobile Tripod

Why don't we gift something that our friends need or are looking for? The modern-day friendship gift ideas are way more towards technology and its uses. Power bank as a gift would definitely be a great option. In such rushing time, we hardly get time to charge our phones at home, so charging it via a power bank becomes convenient. Though gifting Headphones is a common idea yet very practical.

Headphones as a Gift

They would surely love headphones as a gift, as they would enjoy more music, movies. Being in the social media jungle with lots and lots of platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. we love posting stories, videos, and pictures. For those amazing videos, what would be better than gifting a mobile tripod? Let your friends enjoy making fantastic videos with mobiles through a mobile tripod. Such friendship day gift ideas are indeed creative and practical.


Zomato Gold Membership

Zomato is a platform for exploring and experiencing Best food places and deals across the country and even from other countries. It has so many features and facilities when it comes to online food orders. There are few plans through which you can buy a gold membership of Zomato, which provides you with many benefits and deals. There are different memberships available for different durations. Gift a Zomato gold membership card to your foodie friend and see the smile on his/her face.

Zomato Gold as Gift

Beauty, Clothing And Lifestyle Gifts

Confused what to gift to your female friend or girlfriend on Friendship day? We are here to save you :P Well, there are many beauty and fashion hampers which you can gift to your female friends because they'll definitely love it. There are subscriptions available to get these beauty-boxes. Certain popular gift boxes are from:

Bling box- The bling box includes the prettiest jewelry and accessories that a girl would love to own. There are earrings, pendants, bracelets and much more.


Stylecracker- Stylecracker is your online styling buddy. The Experienced stylists, get to know your style, requirements, and then send you a box with complete look essentials. Isn't this great?

GloBox- The Glowbox has really exclusive and premium quality makeup and beauty products. A beauty box subscription is worth from here.


Sugarbox- Sugar box gives you plenty of options to discover in makeup, accessories, and footwear. You can gift a sugar box full of accessories and makeup products or a subscription of it to your female friends.

subscription box Gift


If you know your best friend(s) quite nicely, then you must be aware of their clothing choices. Gift the costume you think they would love! It can be a dress, jacket, scarf or even shoes. You can gift best-friend T-shirt to your best friend! Best Friend T-Shirt Designs work best for friendship day! Try to twin with your besties with The Best Friend T-Shirts on the occasion of the International Friendship Day.

There are numerous Best Friend T-shirt Designs available in the market, but you can still go for customization. You can get your friend's name printed on it or some beautiful digital art with the friendship day quotes. If you have a group of friends, then the "Best Friend T-shirt Idea" is going to work best! Make your gang, the best gang with these Best Friend T-shirt Ideas!

Clothes as Gift

Bonsai Tree and Terrarium As a Gift

The Bonsai tree is a very miniature natural tree which is the size of a small pot. The Bonsai Tree is very portable and convenient to store. There are several Bonsai Tree types you can keep at home like Boxwood, Juniper, Pomegranate and etc. These tiny trees look super-cute and can be used in growing some fruits too.

Bonsai Tree as Gift

Similarly, Terrarium is also a small tree or plant that is sealable and is usually stored in closed glass pots, boxes, and bottles filled with soil. With the help of transparency, Terrarium trees are able to continue photosynthesis. People often keep it as a decorative and natural piece for the interior. Some of the popular Terrarium Trees are Mosses, Orchids, and Ferns.

Terrarium As a Gift

Though we can keep them in open and nourish in regular atmosphere. Gift your nature and photography lover- friend, a small Bonsai or Terrarium Tree on Friendship Day 2018.

friends series

Friendship Day 2018 is going to be very marvelous, as, with the help of social networking, we can share our thoughts and messages with our friends very easily. Those who live very far from us, even they can celebrate Friendship Day easily through many connecting apps! The main motto of the International Friendship Day is to remember all your friends who helped and supported you in your tough times. To let them know that you love them from the bottom of your heart. 

We hope you like all these Useful Friendship Day Gift Ideas and Handmade Friendship Day Gifts! Share your emotions with your friends this friendship day!

With that note, we wish you Happy Friendship Day in Advance :)


the Entire Team ZeepZoop :)

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