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An Evolution Of Luxury & An Endangered Skill

8 Jan 2018

Hetal Shah is a Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Lifestyle Blogger.

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Handicraft – A New View:

The mentions today are all about an act that arises from a past time or hobby. And here I am discussing about the word “CRAFT”. Mind you, though it is hobby or an act of interest that one practices in free time, it needs precision and aptitude. And though it is a past time however it is indeed a living for many few professionals namely artisans, craftsman, on so forth.

Craft Classified

1) Handicrafts:

A handicraft is a kind of art where useful objects and decorative devises are predominantly made by hands.

2) Arts & Crafts Movement:

The kind of craft is based on relativity. It has a reference in sculptures with relationships to something which is functional or something which as utility. To elaborate it has relationships with glass, wood, ceramics, textiles, metals and other forms of natural medium.

3) Studio Craft:

Small group of independent artist working together are referred to as Studio Craft. This predominantly includes glass bowling, wood tuning, weaving, paper and few other forms of crafts

4) Craft Fairs:

It is an event to promote and sell a particular handmade art. Craft Fairs are planned organized and conducted by group of artisans such that they share their expertise.

5) Trades-person Craft:

Person is involved in a particular art or craft. A skilled manual worker is attached for economical or social reasons. To his credit he has practical as well as a thorough economical knowledge with high degree of about their trade.

It’s an opportunity for me to discuss more about Handicrafts, which is most relevant here around.

Handicraft - An Evolution Of Luxury & An Endangered Skill 

Handicraft has evolved over time, from mere pass time to luxury and from mere interest or hobby to a decent fortune or lively hood for many few. The work becomes a luxury not only because you have limited numbers and that the highly-skilled work takes time, but also because it is instill with the spirit of the artisans’ creativity.

“Handicraft” as an evolution as a luxury is just not coincidence. It is simply a basic rule of economics. Demand and supply gap to sum it up.

To understand the evolution of “Handicraft” one need to understand about the way Handicraft is made. Relating it to Time, which is a scarce resource? And any Handicraft takes time to get to best of its form and increasingly endangered skills of diminishing artisans. The process slows down to carve a precision of an artist to delivery best of his creativity and skill.

It is expressed as an artisan work or in other words work which is made by hand by artists. It is an artist’s creativity used to magnify basic substance like clay, metal, wood, glass, and so on so forth. Use of machines or tools is too limited in making any Handicraft; it does as good as nill. The finesse and intricacy of handmade creations is what distinguishes them from mass-produced machine-made goods. While this becomes bottleneck in case of mass production, however this bottleneck too becomes the most demanded form of art and its value appreciates since it is “HANDMADE”.

Handmade and handcrafted provides a platform for building a lasting bond between the consumers and craftsmen. Since the art is made by hand it is passed as legacy from one generation to another generation. Few families have preserved this form and are committed to grow it as and art and indeed as a business of luxury articles. Indeed they know the value of time and most importantly they know the value of a classy legacy that they have received from generations.

However due to lack of marketing support and underdeveloped selling channel many few families with great skill have left making handicrafts and moved to some other earning sources. This has caused a huge disparity between demand and supply.

Handicraft today is An Evolved Luxury & Endangered Skill...

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