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Hetal Shah is a Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Lifestyle Blogger.

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How Young Designers are Making Cool stuff by Using Traditional Materials - The New Vibe

Creativity is having its own impact and art and craft never get old. This is an ultimate proof of our today's article which is on, How Young Designers are Making Cool stuff by Using Traditional Materials!

5 Ideas to Get Scandinavian Hygge Lifestyle in Your Homes

Home is where the heart is. You need your home to be a place where you can simulate and de-stimulate yourself in just the right amount to experience Hygge.

Pravesh Patel
15 Feb 2019
Top 5 Colors For Your Wedding Lehenga (That Aren’t Red or Pink)

Lehengas come in different types and patterns, the most trendy these days being the multi color bridal lehenga. It is always so exciting to see a bride in a unique and different colored lehenga than normal and mainstream pink or red ones.

Zarana Rathod
27 Mar 2019
Beauty of Clay, Tingle of Bells & More : Kutch & Kutchi Handicraft

The roots of the craft of Kutch are not only in their rural lifestyle but also in their geography and the environment with the Gulf of Kutch in its south, Arabian Sea to its west and the northern and eastern parts being salt marshes

Hetal Shah
7 Jan 2018