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Designer Anamika Khanna - Mother Of Dhoti Style Saree

Dhruvi Savsani
12 Nov 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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“Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.”

Rising above on top of the world from nothing is a journey in itself. Anamika Khanna, the lady who bent the fashion into shape and gave birth to traditional modern edge fashion.


Designer Anamika Khanna, started from Calcutta, then known for nothing in terms of fashion. Coming out into something for which the industry won’t judge her was the biggest challenge for her. Being a self-taught fashion designer, Anamika Khanna, stepped up in the nineties and began her journey by winning the Damania Fashion Award in 1995, later she was even introduced into the Damania Fashion Hall of Fame.

As she started rising above, the opportunities she met with were enough to take her to the top of the ladder. One of them being an invitation to Paris Fashion Week to showcase her designs, along with she also being the first female Indian Designer to do so. From winning prestigious accolades to throwing rendezvous shows at renowned Fashion Weeks. Designer Anamika Khanna, did rise like a Phoenix.

Talking more about the lady, Anamika Khanna is the first female Indian Designer to take her label Ana-Mika on a global level and win hearts. For that matter, she was also on the list of invitees for the UK-India Year of Culture held at the Buckingham Palace and graced by The Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Wow! That’s a lifetime of achievement. But one who is insanely good at their work always deserves unexceptional and uncountable honours. With that, again Anamika Khanna grabbed the opportunity and went on to become the Designer of the Year in 2016 and took her seat at the Hello! Hall of the Fame awards.

As stated by the Business of Fashion, the “Designer’s Designer” has took her place in the Bof 500 list and has also been known as one of the those remarkable people who is shaping the world with their talent. Hence, Designer Anamika Khanna was presented as the Designer of the year 2018 prestigious award by Vogue for Vogue Women of the Year 2018.


Let’s talk about what actually the designer is so famous for. And, that would be “Sarees”. Well, not just any kind of saree. These would be the well-known Dhoti style saree. We all have seen celebrities flaunting them at red carpets and different events and now it has also taken its place in Bollywood Films. Talking about the truth, Anamika Khanna is the mother of this astounding style which now has spread and eaten up the youth too.

Inspiration for this came from the fact that today’s youth find wearing sarees uncool and clumsy and thus Anamika Khanna took the 6 yard and team it up with the Indian traditions and tailored it in a way that the youth do not find carrying out our Indian heritage and culture “uncool” anymore.

Now, it has spread to such an extent that new innovations with the style are being made every now and then. A simple solid dhoti paired with a dupatta or a kurta or even a shirt gives an instant statement look and on top of everything it is so effortless and not at all cumbersome.

Like any other designer, Anamika Khanna too have a colour palette of her own which mostly includes black, pastels and ivory where ivory being the heart of everything. These beautiful colours are incorporated intricately with the motifs and designs to give one of its kind look to the outfit. From Sonam Kapoor to Kareena Kapoor Khan to Deepika Padukone, these celebrities swear by Anamika Khanna’s style.

Drap Yourself In A Saree, How Anamika Khanna Does It!

Where she gave birth to the Dhoti style saree, she also took the industry by storm by giving ways to drape a saree. Yes! There are different types of draping sarees and to three of those different types Anamika Khanna is again a mother.

Beautifully draping this mesmerizing 6 yard cloth is every women’s dream but there are times when we get bored of the same draping style. Individual states have their own ways of draping a saree but these 3 different ways presented by Designer, Anamika Khanna has been given a global accreditation by the fashion followers.

Anamika Khanna has set a trend by introducing these modern saree draping styles, the tulip drape(dhoti style saree), the wavy drape and the two-pallu-in-dhoti drape. Bollywood celebrities love playing with fashion and thus are seen with different saree drapes which does not only keep the tradition of wearing a saree alive but also gives it a modern day edgy look simultaneously making it hassle free. Afterall this was it, to keep the roots adhered.

Rising above from ashes and building everything from scratch purely with her talent and love, Anamika Khanna has set a footprint of fashion which the world might not erase soon.

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