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Designer Punjabi Juttis & Mojaris For This Wedding Season

Dhruvi Savsani
26 Nov 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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The talk of the town is back! This time it is decked up with colors and bedazzled with gems. The most versatile piece and the most comfortable to carry, Punjabi Juttis, the best of women's ethnic footwear are back in town.

Punjabi Juttis or also known as Mojaris has been an intrigued part of a women’s wardrobe. It was in the modern age period that these versatile footwear took birth. But eventually it lost it's spark somewhere between the evolution of fashion. Now as it's back, it's been shown off with different styles and ways to carry them.

From years, Juttis have been evolved with different colors, patterns, and ways to handcraft them. And now, every kind of handicraft work that you can think of is being put on them. From Zardozi to Minakari, from Embroidery to Embellishments; and this is not it, every color of the palette is incorporated into its making. From pastels to bolds and from brights to nudes.

Carefree ways to carry them

Originally, from North india, Punjabi Juttis have taken it's place effectively by making almost every outfit stand out. One such, is teaming it up with your basic western wear and having a statement look with a sophisticated embroidered Juttis.

Other, obviously the staple look of north India, a beautiful patiala dress and Punjabi Juttis, a look you can drool over.

What new has come recently is wearing these amazing crafted Juttis on your Wedding Day and not only that to even make a part of your Wedding Trousseau. Stilettos have not left their game and never will for all the brides out there. But wearing flats really saves up a lot of energy of yours. What's in trend is your gorgeous bridal dress and a gotta pati worked Jutti giving you all the comfortness yet keeping you in style. Besides everything, Juttis or Mojaris are not only a part of women's wardrobe but even men's too. (It's just easy for them to carry)

For you all to know the Designer labels which will provide you with the Jutti of your life are enlisted below. Something you really need to check out.

6 Designer Labels for Punjabi Juttis or Mojaris for this Wedding Season

Pastels and Pop

The name does enough justice to what can you expect from this label. Beautifully handcrafted with Indian culture, Pastels and Pop is a one stop destination for both the bride and the groom. From casual Juttis to one for your wedding, staple colors, zari work, mirrors and all the prettiness you can be awestruck to are here at Pastels and Pop for you.


Tassels on Juttis? Well yes! Needledust made it happen. Tassel beads and 3D amalgamation of embroidery with the colors of the season. Needledust has something for everyone. It also has a collection for mother and daughter duo. Your 8 year old has now a Jutti just like you and she no more will be wearing yours and roam around in the house. It's a destination for all the girls of your family.

The Shoe Tales

There are more than one type of Juttis, out of which one would be called an open jutti with a free backside and a worked up front, these Juttis are the most comfortable of all because (It doesn't give a shoe bite) The Shoe Tales have them offering to you with beautiful beige colors and zardozi work.


The name itself is a happy word! Needless to say how happy, fun, quirky and colorful Juttis FizzyGoblet have. It has such impeccable Juttis that you won't resist yourself from making it a part of your Wedding Trousseau. For those who love travelling, it's your place to shop Juttis reflecting your wanderlust. They even have a palm tree tropical print Juttis. (I have seen everything now!)

Steel All Male

Here is a label for all the men out there. Steel All Men have the perfect royal manly Mojaris you would love to wear on your wedding. Velvet fabric and a touch of gold will definitely give your wife-to-be a competition.


Want your wedding motif handcrafted on your footwear? This is the place for you then. Apart from having a great collection of all the types of wedding footwear, it also has an option for you to customize your own Jutti representing your love. For both bride and the groom, Blinkk is a place I would suggest if you want your wedding full of love and togetherness.

You know now about quite a few designer labels that would for sure help you pick atleast one Jutti or Mojari for your wedding season. Check out websites and catalouges or get directions and make it easy with help of ZeepZoop before you sprung on to get a hold of it for your day.

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