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Facebook’s Organic Reach is Dead, Where to Promote Your Business in 2018-19?

Bhavya Modi
15 Nov 2018
Bhavya Modi

Bhavya Modi is the Founder and CEO of ZeepZoop, Who Conceptualized the Idea and now leading the Company.

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When Facebook Organic Reach is dying day by day, digital marketers are struggling to find better solutions for their clients. If you are one of such Digital Marketer (Read Victim!) or even a business owner looking for ways to improve Facebook Reach, We have a bad news and a good news for you.

Which one you want to hear first?

Let’s keep, Good News at the end to feel better ya!!

So, the Bad News is, The Facebook Algorithm seems like ‘Gone to the Dogs’ and not willing to give you Organic Reach Anymore. Yup! Now is the time when you should not wait much. But, how?

Well, there the Good News, That is; we have better Niche Specific Alternatives to promote your business online and reach out to your targeted audience!


We are not talking about second Facebook here! No!! Don’t compare it with Facebook at all.These platforms are niche specific, more promising, relevant to your business niche, efficient to deliver results, and more reliable for product placement for Long term Business Goal!

Interested?Here are Top 8 Platforms, You should consider to Market and Promote Your Products and Services in Next 10 Years to see Sustainable growth for your venture.

If You are in Travel Industry -TripAdvisor & Tripoto

If you own a property! It should be listed on TripAdvisor, Tripoto and similar Hotel Industry, Business Listing Sites. They offer Business Listing Facility with picture gallery, Reviews along with a third party booking link to book your property. You can register your hotel there with all the amenities you offer and property pictures along with details.

People who like to travel will come and find your property and you may get bookings! Try your best to use excellent pictures and be true to your audience when it comes to giving hotel details an amenities list. It’s gonna work for you!

If You Host Events -

Are you into events? Do you host by yourself or you are an event Manager, Your events must go on Started from Ahmedabad and now a Global Event Listing Company, it is one stop place to know, what is happening where?

If you need to reach out to the Audience who would be interested in Your Event, Try

If You Have a Food Venture - Zomato

When it comes to ordering food, what comes first in your mind? It’s Zomato, right? If you run a restaurant and if your business has not been listed on Zomato Yet, you are missing the great business opportunity.

Food is a need, and everyone loves trying new restaurants and cuisines. In that case, whether you operate small or large, just grab this opportunity and bring your restaurant business on Zomato.

For Doctors & Healthcare Providers, Practo

If you are a Doctor and run a Clinic or a Hospital, Practo can be a boon for you! It makes your life simpler and gives you breathing space in your busy working hours while simplifying your operational work with the digital approach. And as the Practo says, The App and Website get seen by 25M+ Patients that means, as a Medical Healthcare Provider, your presence has to be on Practo!

Now, For patients who need medical services, Practo is a place to find Doctors and Laboratories as per the need. People can search for Doctors available in the city and even in their Locality! It’s a complete win win for Medical Service Providers and Patients.

If you are into Wedding Planning – Wedmegood

Are you having property that you give as a wedding venue? Are you a Wedding Photographer? A Makeup Artist? Decorator? Or offering Wedding Card Designing &Printing Service, Mehendi, Wedding Cakes? Or any service related to Wedding, Wedmegood is for you.

One stop solution for anything related to Wedding. Thousands of people use Wedmegood for wedding planning. If you are smart enough and looking for really good clients who have a wedding coming in family, list your work on Wedmegood NOW and thank us later.

If you are a Writer or a Publisher – GoodReads

GoodReads is a place for everyone who loves reading books! Before buying a book, people go and check reviews on the GoodReads! Now if you are a Writer and have published a book, your book has to be here on GoodReads.

It serves as a big opportunity to get attention from Booklovers and they may love purchasing a copy of your book! Explore it and we are sure, you will find it worth.

If you belong to Movie Industry – IMDB

IMDB! We call it Trend Setter! Probably the oldest niche specific search engine that is now a Bible for Movie Lovers!

It is considered as a most authentic source to know about movies, reading reviews, film makers, knowing about the cast, critics, dialogues and what not! Millions of people create ‘movie watch list’ from IMDB every day! Now if you belong to the Movie Industry, You must check IMDB for Listing!

If you are into Fashion & Lifestyle Industry – ZeepZoop

Finally, this is happening first time in India, that we have a dedicated search engine for Fashion & Lifestyle brands and a great platform for Fashion Designers of India. Offering business listing under four key categories like Fashion, Jewelry, Accessories and Home Décor.

ZeepZoop is absolutely not skip-able if you run a Designer Store, a Boutique or a Shop. The good Part is, Registration is Free on ZeepZoop!


It is time to step out of the comfort zone and stop running Ads on generic platforms like Facebook whose organic reach is dying day by day. Your business definitely deserves a niche specific platform to reach out to your targeted audience!

Use above given sources if you want to rock in coming years!

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