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Famous Gujarat Handicrafts and Its Types

Pravesh Patel
28 Feb 2019
Pravesh Patel

I am a traveler, explorer and techie. I like to indulge myself in vivid experiences and I always keep an open eye to change. Traveling almost the entire nation my sensitivity of art and beauty has crystallized.

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Gujarat has always resonated with art and culture. The land has preserved the beauty of handmade handicraft items over the centuries. One of the handicraft areas in which Gujarat is popular for its fine work is in embroidery. People from far lands are attracted to the masterpieces found here. Each and every city specializes in a specific form of art. Along with its beautiful heritage spots, Gujarat is also a popular destination for woodworks and beadworks. In this article, the famous handicrafts of Gujarat are discussed to take you closer to the Famous Gujarati Handicraft items that have been winning hearts of foreign tourists and locals.

Famous Gujarat Handicrafts

1. Bandhani

Bandhni is a tie-dye material which is in the top list of famous handicrafts of Gujarat. The bandhanies are a type of garment and can be found mostly in Kutch and Jamnagar region as per the top online shopping guide. Other cities of Gujarat also sell Bandhani as it is loved by locals. The most famous types of bandhni which make for the most sales are Chokidal and Kambaliya according to the lovers of art and craft of Gujarat.


2. Patola

Patola, like Bandhni, uses another tie-dye technique for sarees. Patan Patola Sarees are famous in the Gujarat and mostly crafted in Patan city. It is an expensive piece of art and craft of Gujarat, but it is very popular in the online shopping guide talking about the art and craft of Gujarat.


3. Woodwork

Woodwork in Gujarat is a special attraction. The uniqueness of art and craft of Gujarat can be observed in the exquisite pieces of woodworks found in Surat and Kutch. From tiny pieces of art to large furniture, Gujarat has it all in its list of famous handicrafts.


4. Beadwork

Beadwork is another masterpiece from Gujarat handicrafts. The beads are woven to make some delicate pieces of jewelry and only available in Gujarat.


5. Embroidery works

Gujarat produces excellent embroidery designs on clothes and showpieces. As per the best online shopping guide, one must know types of embroidery works found in Gujarat; the most popular ones include Rabari, Ari, Soof, and Kathipa. Almost all cities in Gujarat have its embroidery pieces, but Kutch and Rajkot are the most popular places where these products are sold as pieces of art and craft of Gujarat.


6. Applique and Patchwork

Applique and Patchwork is one of the finest forms of art and craft of Gujarat. The designs are made by different fabric patches and print, which together form a unique piece of garment. As various patterns are put together, the final piece comes out as a colorful piece of garment which is used in dupattas, bedsheets, and sarees.

Applique and Patchwork

7. Paintings

Gujarat has always been known for the different forms of paintings available here in the online shopping guides. The best forms of paintings are Rogan painting and Warli painting. Rogan painting is a skilled art form where painters use steel pencils to design a piece of cloth.


8. Tangaliya Work

Tangaliya Work is a rare kind of beauty from art and craft of Gujarat. This is a handwoven product used to make shawls and dupattas. This rare form of art is found in Surendranagar.

Tangaliya Work

Other than these Gujarat handicrafts are also famous for clay and Terracotta products and hand block prints. These famous handicrafts are worth the appreciation they receive from all over the world.

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