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Fanny Packs & Waist Bags: Can We Call It Accessory Of The Year 2019?

Dhruvi Savsani
20 Oct 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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The bag you thought you’d never wear again is back in style. Iteration of these cool fanny packs trend is omnipresent! (Just like Radhika Apte ;) ) It’s everywhere! As they are back in business, I don’t think they are going to leave anytime soon.

Here is your Complete Guide to Know About the Most Popular Accessory of The Year, Fanny Packs! Also known as Bum Bags, Waist Bags etc.

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Fanny Packs trend in India

I agree! Been living in India it’s a bit difficult to adapt this trend. Along with the popularity, these fanny packs trend come with its own pros and cons. Agreeing with the fact that we love carrying our day to day essentials almost everywhere cause why not? Who knows when what is needed. The same way there are people around the world who believe in the same thing, but according to some of the famous designers, fanny packs trend is something you need to look into deeply.

Most Popular Brands for Fanny Packs

From Miu Miu to Gucci to Fendi, bringing fanny bags back from 80’s to spring summer 2018 runway was one of its kind of a journey. So, let's go! I’ll take you through the omnipresence of these fanny packs trend.

From Where Fanny Packs have Came?

Fanny packs were a hype during 80’s and 90’s, after which other bag types took upon them, these fanny bags made an official appearance on the Spring-Summer 2018 runway where models were seen wearing it around their waist. Hence, it has multiple names such as belt bags, waist bags or some even call it bum bags.

After its official appearance, celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner were seen flaunting it on the streets and the rest is history.

What and Why?

The main purpose of these bags is to keep you comfortable and hassle-free. Neglecting the fact that apart from 3 to 5 items, these bags are not made to carry heavy loads. Hence, making it a controversial bag. And so it is the biggest reason why it's not a trend in India. We Indians love using shoulder bags or sling bags, but the ache that it gives at the end of the day is worrisome.

Apart from that, these shoulder bags occupy both of your hands while you are in the middle of enjoying yourself. You agree with this or not, but I would surely suggest you to invest in one fanny pack.

Another question that arises now is what good a single bag will do even after investing in expensive brands. Well! Let me tell you that not only expensive brands, but brands such as Zara and Forever 21 also have these and that too at a much cheaper price.

How to Style Fanny Packs like a Pro

A solid white T-shirt, jeans, and a fanny bag is the kind of outfit I would love to wear. Not only T-shirts but fanny packs trend is so ubiquitous that it can go with anything that you wear. Be it a dress, jeans or shorts, wear it in the most suitable and comfortable way and you are good to go. It's simpler than styling other bags.

It’s a Versatile Accessory!

Instead of wearing these bags around your waist, wear it around your shoulder on your chest. This way of wearing gives you more space and keeps your hands free. Not only women but even men were spotted carrying one of these fanny bags.

And, having a heavy load at your waist can be clumsy at times, but in the world of fashion, there is nothing which does not have a solution. As women prefer to wear it around their waist, men went on wearing it across their chest avoiding the bulge the bag creates at the waist. Seeing this, even women have adopted the same trend. Only children are left to be seen with one these and that's going to happen soon too!

Fanny packs trend is not going to vanish soon and hence, I would suggest you give it a try once. You never know! A beautiful khadi fanny pack which would accompany with you almost everywhere and with everything is available at Nappa Dori. Do check out. Till then, keep shopping new!

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