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House of Anita Dongre - Empowering Women Through Microfinance

Dhruvi Savsani
30 Nov 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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Palaces and sunsets, majestic elephants and chirping birds, Rajasthan it is, from where it all started.

Rajasthan is the inspiration to House of Anita Dongre and also the designer herself. Brought up in Mumbai, and spent vacations in Rajasthan, designer Anita Dongre loved how much Rajasthan had to offer. It’s heritage, intrinsic handicraft, and the Indian culture, it portrays were enough to give her strength and ignite a spark to keep the traditions alive.

It all started in 1995, when the designer, Anita Dongre established AND Designs India Ltd. with her sister and brother. It was then in 2015 that the brand re-established itself to House of Anita Dongre.

Home Brands of Anita Dongre

House of Anita Dongre currently shelters 4 successful brands having a global accreditation. AND (house of western wear for women), Global Desi (house of boho-chic wear for women), luxury brand ANITA DONGRE, Pink City, the label for handcrafted gold Jadau Jewellery and men’s wear, and Grassroot, a sustainable fashion brand label.

Anita Dongre is quite known for her timeless Indian wedding dresses for the brides of India. Whereas she being vegan believes in a cruelty-free sustainable fashion, doing less harm to the environment and animals.

How she broke stereotypes

During the time when Anita Dongre established herself, it was an era when women of the house were not much allowed to work for themselves. Despite everything, she broke the stereotype and went on to become the first woman entrepreneur from her family. Being supported by her family, Anita Dongre started with two sewing machines in her bedroom balcony which now has to lead to hundreds of such machines which are empowering women of the rural area break stereotypes and be an independent woman.

Anita Dongre Collection

Designer Anita Dongre and her collection are ruling globally by having stores in Mauritius and New York. Anita Dongre Collection is made with love for the women of India to give them a chance of change.

Anita Dongre has completely changed the game of Indian wear. She started this trendsetting pockets in Lehengas which by now has become a necessity for Lehenga lovers and why not, who doesn’t love pockets?

She simply has made the once in a while fashion talk, every day one by making it effortless and giving dauntless look.

Intricately going through Anita Dongre Collection, her signature handicraft work of all is Gota Patti, originated from Rajasthan. From Lehenga to Kurtas and tops, Gota Patti work has been a staple in her collection.

Grassroots: A step towards Sustainable Fashion

Started in 2015, Anita Dongre Grassroot label is reviving sustainable fashion. Making and empowering women to be a part of it, Grassroot tells a story of not just Indian heritage, but also showers love of all those women who make them. Taking a step towards Eco fashion, House of Anita Dongre seamlessly combines sustainable fashion and Indian heritage which evolves with love and happiness from women of India.

Anita Dongre Foundation

A believer of a cruelty-free environment, Anita Dongre Foundation empowers women of rural areas by training them in sewing machines, in making cutouts for clothes and also engaging them towards women empowerment.

Anita Dongre has taken few such tribal villages of Maharashtra in her hand to make its women break stereotypes by working for themselves and helping their family. Global Desi and Luxury brand from House of Anita Dongre relies on these women who make every piece worth wearing.

Anita Dongre has won many accolades in her two decades of the journey in the fashion industry. Going through all ups and downs and becoming an inspiration to the women out there, inspiring them all to be one of their own kind.

“One woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world.” These words by the lady herself have captured the hearts of not just the future of fashion, but also of all the women out there who are still skeptical to own something of their own just because of societal obligation.

She has not invented anything, nor has been a mother to any style, but what she has done to the Indian wear for its women by making almost every piece affordable with the utmost style and fashion will be remembered for generations.

Designer Anita Dongre has Stores in Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Mauritius & New York. You can check stores and website for the latest collection.

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