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How Sui Dhaaga is inspiring The Millennial Generation? A Read You Can’t Skip

Dhruvi Savsani
26 Sept 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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A story of inspiration. A story of Love. A story of struggles and hurdles. A story of passion. A Story of Dreams. A story of accepting the odds. A story of moments and initiatives. A story making us proud to be an Indian, that’s what the movie Sui Dhaaga is all about, isn’t it?

 “Don’t get criticized without any reason, if the criticism is all you got then why not increase it with the applause of appreciation.” – Mauji (Varun Dhawan) from the movie Sui Dhaaga



Learn how to appreciate yourself. Let your dreams turn into reality. The character, Mauji played by Varun Dhawan in the movie Sui Dhaaga initially works at a sewing machine store, living a life full of inferiority given by his Boss. An accidental tragedy, makes him realize his potential to stand out from the crowd. Jumping through all the hurdles and support from his wife, Mamta played by Anushka Sharma, Mauji and Mamta turn a roadside garment business into a huge success.

No matter how small your idea or dream is, execute it. Forget about all the struggles. Don’t focus on criticism. Don’t think about its future, just go on doing it. Follow your desire and passion. Learn and Execute!


It isn’t necessary that all the ideas and dreams have to be unique. Mauji started his business by being a roadside tailor, which I think is the most common small business for rural Indians. But he knew he was going to make it into something which all will witness. And then there comes Mamta with her embroidery skills. A power pack starter of embroidered garments was their new goal. Yet, again it’s not uncommon. But still what made them huge was their ideas. 

Ideas own individuality. No two people will have the same idea and even if they have no two people will have the same mind. Your ideas help you stand out from the crowd. Even if it’s something that someone has already achieved, still go for it; you will come to know on your way how to stand out.


One of the thing that helped Mauji and Mamta to stand out was their business logo. A logo which represented India.

Moving on to behind the scenes, The Marketing, and Merchandising, Vice President of YRF said –

“We reached out to 15 uniquely skilled artists/artist groups who helped us design our film logo. It has been an exhaustive and most rewarding experience for all of us at Yash Raj Films (YRF)”

The Sui Dhaaga logo has been made in the most outstanding way possible, globally popular Indian hand needlework forms of Phulkari from Punjab, Kashida, and Sozni from Kashmir, the sophisticated thread work forms Rabari and Mochi Bharat from Gujarat, Zardozi work from Lucknow and Phool Patti from Uttar Pradesh. It has also been shaped in Rajasthan’s glaring crafts like Aari, Gota Patti and Banjara, Karnataka’s Kasuti design and Tamil Nadu’s popular Toda style. The east coast region of India institutes 50 percent of India’s Handloom exports, hence, the film’s logo is an amalgamation of Pipli style from Odisha, Kantha stitch work from West Bengal and handloom work from Assam.

Apart from the above, the movie logo was released on National Handloom Day that celebrates the glory of Indian Handloom all over the world.


To wrap up all, Sui Dhaaga movie not only symbolizes our Indian culture but also conveys a strong awareness amongst today’s youth and how strongly the impact is on the existing fabrics, fashion, and design. On top of that Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma have been signed as Brand Ambassadors to promote Skill India Campaign.

In addition to all, the movie delivers an inspirational message about Entrepreneurship and how no idea is small or big. If you are blessed to have a platform to showcase your talent and idea, go for it, put all your blood and sweat into it, let the world do the rest for you.

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