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How To Arrange Bookshelves In An Aesthetically Pleasing Way : Home Decor Guide

Dhruvi Savsani
9 Oct 2018
Dhruvi Savsani

A creative weirdo! Fashion & lifestyle content writer + Embryologist + Philosopher + Day dreamer = Juggling Life

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Which book lover does not have a dream to have their own set of books shelved beautifully in their favorite corner of the home? Every one of them has one! I am a total book nerd! Having a bookshelf curated with appealing aesthetics and amazing books is the one aspiration I have. And I know you are of my own too. Hence, here I am with:

Guidelines for styling bookshelves

1. Thick as thieves

A bookshelf does not include only books, but also all the pretty little things. There isn’t only one ideal way to keep books. Change is a must! If that’s what you have read in any of your books then why not change the way we keep our books too.

Stack 2 or 3 books horizontally on top of each other, according to the height of your shelf. Avoid stacking same size books. Place them in a decreasing order. To enhance their aesthetically pleasing look, place a small vase, any collective item or your favorite photo frame on it.

The other way of layering is by placing a collection of your decorative bowls or vases beside each other in different ways with different sizes. Mainly layering is done to complement the surrounding items and to increase the depth of the area with multiple items.

2. Group Discussion

Grouping colors or grouping books, it will always make your bookshelf shine. One such aesthetically pleasing way is to arrange your books in different ways on one shelf. Place few books vertically and then a few horizontally. This is not only eye-catching but also the books placed horizontally acts as a bookend for the vertical ones.

Another grouping tool for you would be colors. After placing those books in your desired order, pick different collectibles or decor items of your favorite color and place them near your book collection.

3. Surplus Essentials

We all have a hell lot of extra items in our home and less space to store them. It’s when your bookshelves come in handy. Invest in a large fabric storage boxes and place them at the bottom of your shelf where you don’t need to go daily for the reach. Also, add a photo frame or picture along with it to give the space a polish.

Go for different sizes of storage bins to give a fuller and aspirational look to the shelf. To break the monotony of the storage shelf, decorate it with a geometric piece, a fake plant or any collective item.

4. Add Contour

The second last thing you should know is how to contour. Arranging different shape items on your bookshelves gives space to the clustered look. Arrange items in odd number on different shelves to not make the look monotonous.

Separate similar item into a triangle pattern to break the aesthetic.

5. Be thoughtful

Add a beautiful vase or a box in between the stack of books. It's nice to see a different color or shape nested among a row of books. Stacking your books according to their colors makes your bookshelf look calm and organized.

It's not necessary to go over the board with colors and arrange the books accordingly, instead match it with different hues such as greens and yellows or reds and oranges.

6. Give some space

Coming to an end towards this journey of how to arrange a bookshelf, the last most thing you need to know before turning into a professional is to give some space to your bookshelf. Keep some breathing space between shelves to avoid a cluttered look. If an above shelf is packed go for a bit of empty space for the below one.

Your 6 guidelines for arranging your bookshelves in an aesthetically pleasing way has come to an end. Be it a small corner in your house or a dedicated wall, these guidelines will definitely let you help arrange your bookshelf in a professional way.

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Till then happy shopping!

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