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How to Make Perfume at Home: 5 Quick and Easy Ways

Hetal Shah
16 June 2018
Hetal Shah

Hetal Shah is a Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Blogger

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"No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the Unseen, Unforgettable, Ultimate accessory."- Coco Chanel. Truly said, Perfume is the form of elegance, elegance which defines you. It is as important as any other accessory, in fact, even more. When you wear a Perfume that matches your mood and style, you can conquer the world! There are millions, yes you read that right, millions of perfume fragrances for men and women existing in market. And, no doubt, we always spend hours to find a Perfume that is best for us!

There are Floral Perfumes, Fruity Perfumes, Strong and Sensual Perfumes and Natural Perfumes. But, have you ever wondered, what if we can Make Perfume At Home! What about DIY Perfumes? Today we are going to tell you about 5 Amazing Ways For: How To Make Your Own Perfume At Home Easily! So, let's start!

DIY Natural Perfume Using Flowers

Perfume Ingredients:

  • Favorite chopped flowers
  • Distilled water- 2 cups
  • A Medium sized bowl
  • A piece of cheesecloth
  • Airtight glass bottle
  • A pan

Perfume Making Process

Soak the chopped flowers (overnight) in a cheesecloth covered bowl and put a lid. Next morning, squeeze the mixture into a pan and heat it. Lastly, there must remain a spoonful of extract. Now, add this in bottle containing cold water and done!

perfume making process

Jasmine Perfume Recipe

Perfume ingredients:

  • Piece of cheesecloth
  • One t-spoon distilled water
  • 2 t-spoons of vodka
  • Jasmine essential oil- 30 drops
  • Vanilla essential oil-5 drops
  • Lavender essential oil- 5 drops


Start mixing the essential oils in given quantity with vodka in a bottle (glass) and let it set for 2 days. Add distilled water and shake gently. Leave the mixture for four weeks. Remove any residue at bottom by straining through cheesecloth. This process might seem time consuming but it's worth! 

how to make perfume at home

Homemade Roll-On Perfume Recipe 

Perfume Ingredients:

  • 1 t-spoon grapeseed oil
  • Essential oils- neroli (3 drops), cedarwood (2 drops), sweet orange (2 drops), mandarin (3 drops).
  • A tiny roll-on bottle

Perfume Making Process:

Mix all the oils gently, add the grapeseed oil. Transfer this mixture into a roll-on bottle. Shake it gently to mix thoroughly. Use it as Roll-On Perfume! This the basic process of - how to make perfume with essential oils.

homemade rollon perfume recipe

Natural Solid Perfume Without Alcohol

Perfume Ingredients:

  • 2 t-spoon beeswax
  • Your favorite essential oils- 30-40 drops
  • 1 t-spoon coconut/almond oil

Steps to Make Perfume: 

First, put some beeswax in a bowl, melt it in the microwave oven. Take melted wax after it cools down, in a small container, add the essential oil drops. Stir it for 1-2 minutes. Let it sit. Use it after it solidifies. Easy to make perfume without alcohol!natural solid perfume without alcohol

DIY Rose + Vanilla Perfume

Perfume Ingredients:

  • 100 proof vodka
  • Flowers- rose petals (handful), lavender petals (handful)
  • 1 vanilla bean

Process To make perfume: 

Mix the flower petals and vanilla bean in a bowl. Put vodka and let the flowers float and cover it with lid. Let the mixture set for 5 weeks. After that, pour the liquid in a perfume bottle after straining away the flowers.

diy rose vanilla perfume

Note- If you are allergic to any of the mentioned Perfume Ingredients, avoid using them.

You must store these Homemade Perfumes at cool and dry places. Though these are made of natural ingredients, they must be used as required, don't over-use. 

You can try various combination of fragrances for DIY Perfume! It is quite easy to make Perfume at home, all you need is some Perfume Ingredients and little process. In that, if you have some basic essential oils, flowers, citrus extract, you can make different kinds of Perfume at home easily. We have also provided you one Perfume Recipe without Alcohol, so now you must try it! We are glad to help you to know about easy Perfume Recipes. Do try these at home and share with your friends!

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