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Introducing ‘Around Me’ Feature on Zeepzoop - Find Nearest Shopping Destinations

Bhavya Modi
20 Nov 2018
Bhavya Modi

Bhavya Modi is the Founder and CEO of ZeepZoop, Who Conceptualized the Idea and now leading the Company.

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Shopping is all about Experience! For the shopping lover, her sentiments and feelings are involved too. As they say, Shopping has got healing power and it’s true for all shopping lovers.

We hear you at ZeepZoop and thrilled to announce a brand new feature, “Around Me” on ZeepZoop

How “Around Me” Feature Works?

  • Download the App ZeepZoop and locate an “Around Me” button on home screen itself.
  • Press it and it will show you where you are, and what are some interesting Labels, stores and Boutiques you must check around you!

It makes the game a lot easier and makes shopping more fun….

Choreograph your shopping spree

Gone are the days when you were roaming around from one place to the other and one area to another, just to find the right piece of clothing and needless to say, many times you ended the day exhausted and returned home empty handed.Yes? think... why?


Because you have spent most of the time of the day, in travel and going from one location to another only!

When You Take ZeepZoop Along

  • Use ‘Around Me’ Feature on ZeepZoop. Just press it once and check all the boutiques and stores near to your current location.
  • We promise, you will find some amazing stores and labels that you have never seen before.

What are you Waiting For? Try the App; Check ‘Around Me’ and Start Shopping :)

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