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Let's Choose Faith Over Size! 5 Ways to Make Eco-Friendly Ganesha at Home

Hetal Shah
13 Aug 2018
Hetal Shah

Hetal Shah is a Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Blogger.

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It is not about how BIG the idol is, it’s about how STRONG the faith is!! isn't it? Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 is approaching and everyone has already started discussing the "Eco-Friendly Ganesha". Well yes, in the recent years, people have become more aware of the increasing pollution that results from "Visarjan" of POP GaneshaMurti.

Every year, there are lacs of idols that go into the water bodies and cause serious pollution to it. They are made of "Plaster of Paris" plus, they are coated with chemical loaded paints. Amidst of Ganpati celebrations, we totally forget the level of harm we are causing to the natural water bodies and the aquatic animals.


Talking about the Eco-Friendly Ganpati Decoration, many people don't know, that it is also very necessary. Every year, we aim to do unique decorations for Ganesh Chaturthi, and afterwards, these decorative materials to get dumped. Can't we minimize the decoration waste?

Here we have some ideas to do the Eco-Friendly Ganpati Decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi. Know about 5 Easy Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idols to Make at Home

Tree Ganesha

Tree Ganesha is an initiative started by young enthusiastic people in order to curb the water pollution that increases every year on Ganesha Visarjan. Their idea is to make people opt for only Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idols. The Tree Ganesha is very unique and beneficial. It is made of red soil, fertilizers and seeds.

tree ganesha

You can keep it during the festival and do its Visarjan in garden or backyard lawn. With the help of soil and fertilizers, it will convert into a new tiny plant and will eventually start growing. Isn't this really very sensible and innovative idea? With such an idea, we'll be able to reduce pollution as well as, plant a tree!

Chocolate Ganesha

Whose mouth isn't flooded with water? Well, Chocolate Ganesha is yet another popular Eco-Friendly (and tasty) idol that can be made at home easily. Here the Ganesha idols are made of regular soft chocolate, by melting it and filling it in the mould.

chocolate ganesha

Afterwards, it is left to dry. You can even paint it with edible colours. During the visarjan, just put the idol in milk and let it get mixed, then distribute it among the needy kids.

Clay Ganesha

You might have heard about the Clay Ganesha many times. The Clay Ganesha is made up of Eco-Friendly green or dark brown clay that is naturally available from earth. It is capable of being in a particular shape for several days. All you need to do is collect the clay or get it from the market and make Ganesha idol with your hands or the mould. Paint it with natural colours like turmeric or paste of fruits.

clay ganesha

Ganesha With Leaves

How can we not include the most convenient and beautiful Eco-Friendly Ganesha! It is very easy to Make Ganesha Idol with Leaves. All you need is long, flexible leaves, and some tiny decorative flowers to add more colours and freshness. You can watch the tutorial on "How to Make Leaf Ganesha". Just follow the folding steps and tada, you're ready with your handmade Eco-Friendly Ganeshamurti! Similarly, you can try with wooden sticks and other flexible material.

ganesha with leaves

Ganesha With Flour (Atta Ganpati)

To all those who are not sure about the above given Eco-Friendly Ganeshamurti ideas, you can surely go for this one. The regular flour(atta), is available at everyone's home. Knead the normal dough and start making a Ganesha idol with your hands. Take help of your friends and family members if required. Then, to avoid the contact of insects, coat the idol with a thin paste of turmeric and lemon. You can even add natural colours to the idol as mentioned earlier.

ganesha with flour atta

And Here are 5 Eco-Friendly Ganpati Decoration Tips

Tip 1- Use lesser plastic in decorations. Many times, we end up using more led light strings, and plastic decoration items. Instead of these, use Diyas and natural flowers.

Tip 2- Replace plastic vines with leaves or traditional "Torans".

Tip 3- Don't put amplifying speakers, just play music at minimum volume. Even at the time of visarjan, avoid the use of large speakers to reduce noise pollution. Start tradition of singing together instead of playing on speakers. Trust us, you will enjoy more.

Tip4- Make use of natural colours for making Rangoli. "Geru Rangoli" is just best

Tip5- Try to keep a smaller or Medium Size of Ganesha Idol because the smaller idols easily get dissolved in the water bodies and are easy to carry.

So, we hope you all found these ideas helpful and are surely going to opt for Eco-Friendly Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi 2018. Share these ideas with your friends and relatives and insist them to try the same.

Eco-Friendly Celebrations, Happy Celebrations!

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