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The 10 Best Outfits To Wear On A Date

Dipali Kotadiya
18 Apr 2019
Dipali Kotadiya

I am suave and sophisticated, I love everything beautiful and my eyes always seeks respite in good art and good design.

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ZeepZoop is a fashion guide app designed just for you. With us, you can find the best brands and designers near you. Being a good shopping guide app, we are here to help you pick an outfit for your date.

Awesome, so it’s a date! Maybe you matched with this person online or your wing woman has set you up or this is a person you know from work and think can hit it off with, or maybe you’re heading out for a peaceful night with your man or woman, regardless of the reason and time of the day you gotta slay it with your dress!

You can never be overdressed on a date unless the venue is in the woods!

If the glamour diva wants some assistance looking hotter tonight, I, your fashion shopping guide for the day were more than gladden to help.

1 Spaghetti and Palazzo Top

For me, this is the omnipotent wear. It does not matter if you are going out at night or day, a palazzo with a spaghetti top will never fail to wonders. If you are heading out in the evening, metallic colored palazzos is a must try! During the day stick to printed and bright colored ones!

Wear gladiators if your date is too tall, take a clutch with you, and keep the jewelry to the minimum.

2. Off-shoulder top and Jeans

Try an off-shoulder top, to show off those arching collar bones, they are super enticing to men. Apply matte make up to your face and shoulders. You can wear flowy as well as body-hugging tops. Keep the colors of the former light and bright while solid and dark of the latter. Take a cute crossbody purse along.

3. Full Ethnic

Nothing is more appealing to Indians then bright colorful body long printed dress. You can also go ahead with a kurti, pair it with jeans, palazzos or salwar. The best thing about traditional Kurtis and dresses is that no matter where you buy them from a high-end brand or a local nearby clothing store they look just as amazing.

Oxidized jewelry and tote bags go well with ethnic dresses.

4. Floral dress

If you are going out on a during a fine summer day, a floral skirt or knee-high dress could not be more appropriate. Generally, floral designs look best on plain whites, or dark black and blues. Choose white floral dresses as that would keep you cool in the heat. Pair it with sunglasses and faux leather chunky heels, mules and ankle boots. A hobo or bucket purse will do lovely with these type of dresses.

5. Leather Pants and Tank Tops

If you want to look hot, sexy and classy all at the same time, then choose this outfit. Make sure you are not going to stay out in the heat for a long time. Though leather pants do not harm the skin well, I do not personally find them healthy to be worn for longer periods in the heat. Pair it with contrasting light colored tops. Metallic geometric jewelry along with a clutch would go very well with this outfit.

6. Bohemian

If you want to have the comfy feels than go boho, pair a bohemian top with ripped jeans or a mini skirt. Goes well with sandals and a backpack, or you can also carry a casual clutch.

7. Crop Tops

Crop tops are totally in, you can wear them with palazzos, jeggings, jeans or a skirt. Keep your makeup minimal, let the rawness, it will give you a very appealing look.

8. Denims

If you want to try something rustic and new both at the same time, go full denim. Sport a denim jacket with a complementing t-shirt inside. Experiment with jewelry and accessories with this outfit.

9. Stripes

Stripes look great if you are smart with it, avoid horizontal stripes, with stripes you can have both a casual and ultra-decked up look. Try long minimalistic or pearl earrings with stripes. Depending on the type of striped dress choose footwear.

10. Body-hugging Suits

This outfit is the right choice if you want to reward yourself with countless days of green salads, and hours on the treadmill. Or, simply if you feel comfortable in your body (which you should, all the time) done a body-hugging dress and you are good to go. These type of dresses will give you a very decked-up look always pair them with heels, clutched and bold jewelry.

Choose anyone from the types of dresses mentioned above and you will surely strike chords if not gongs in the heart of your man or woman.

Get your own digital fashion shopping guide app at ZeepZoop.

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