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Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Labels in India for Ethical Fashion

Vanita Jain
13 Oct 2018
Vanita Jain

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The world is changing is perspective and becoming more sensitive towards the environment. There are some brands who are putting the People and Environment above everything else. With this, Green fashion or Sustainable Fashion came into the picture. Contemporary clothing brands are making an effort to work for various social & environment causes, their pieces are what speaks for the brand itself. It is revolutionising the fashion industry at large.


Contemporary Fashion, the term translates into accessible fashion, both in terms of cost and design. The pieces are created with everyday wear in mind and with more pocket-friendly price points. The brand's aesthetics differ a lot, but a prevalent factor is casual pieces, often styled with prints, color variations, and fittings.

Ways in which the contemporary and sustainable fashion brands produce eco-friendly fashion

  • Counters speedy and affordable fashion
  • Supports Worker's benefits, regulated working conditions, and maintains feasible living
  • Reduces noxious pesticides and substance use
  • Diminishes wastage of water
  • Promotes recycling and energy saving techniques
  • Protect animal rights

Here are Top 10 in our list of Sustainable Fashion Brands in India


The name 'Pero' means 'to wear' in Marwari, the label was started by designer Aneeth Arora. The brand has a carefree and bohemian vibe produced organically.

It is one of the most assuring organic clothing brands that make use of organic cotton and elaborate embroidery to create global styles that define the aesthetic vision of Pero. Their tag-line "handmade with love" suggests detail and care in every garment they create.


Doodlage creates all pieces from the leftover and discarded fabrics from huge manufacturers instead of letting them expire in a landfill somewhere. The brand is equipped with the mission to generate zero waste.

They keep collaborating with different compatible organizations for unique projects which also includes an NGO called Goonj. They dispense excess fabrics from their collection and the NGO produces reusable sanitary napkins out of them for women in rural areas.

Doodlage has proved that with a bit of creativity and morals, fashion can sustain both the environment and the local communities.

Do U Speak Green (DYSG)

The products are made from organic cotton and bamboo-based fabrics and that is what makes 'DO you Speak Green' an eco-friendly fashion brand. Their collection caters to men, women, and children for yoga and casual wear.

They use sustainable combinations of Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Modal and even Post Consumer Recycled Polymers (Recycled polyester) blended with Organic Cotton waste, to construct stylish clothes at an affordable price.

Love Birds

Lovebirds, the brand focus on managing a balance between efficiency and expression, by blending structure and fluidity for remarkably bold & urban women. The collection is made for a conscious wearer who is susceptible as well as determined.

Ka Sha

The brand founded by London College of Fashion graduate and Pune-based Karishma Shahani-Khan. The fashioner has found unusual ways of creating wonderful garments and accessories out of scraps and objects usually regarded waste by many.

For example, she worked on onion sacks and fused them with wool and ribbons to formulate a different fabric. Being a creative self that she is, she discovered a way to transform plastic bags into jackets and a retrieved an old chandelier to make jewellery out of it.

Brand's Heart to Haat project assures innovative ideas and zero waste emission.


Nicobar is an emergent brand that is both stylish and fanciful.

The brand is launched by Good Earth and is a superior sustainable clothing and home decor label which is infinite and not limited to prints and fabrics.

It blends both craft and culture and is one of the most imminent ethical clothing brands.


Shift’s brand motive comes from a craving for conservation and an eco-friendly approach to business. The genius behind the brand, Nimish Shah uses a variation of sustainable materials, end-of-line fabrics and deliberate pattern cutting to diminish factory waste.

The fashion-forward collection by Shift is already spotted by celebrities like Kriti Sanon and Sonam Kapoor who swear by the brand.

No Nasties

No Nasties is a fashion brand which requites honour to artisans and the environment. It is a brand which strives to break a dismal scenario by being ‘100% organic, 100% fair trade clothing’. They pay just wages to farmers and also offer them incentives for community development.

The brand evades the use of synthetic pesticides and genetically modified seeds.

For No Nasties, the profit comes after people and firmly states NO to price exploitation and child labour.


At Bodice, evolutionary wardrobe essentials are developed through innovation and sustainability, instinctively makes them evergreen. The brand touches upon reintroduction of classics through modernized weaves and Indian textiles.

Bodice forms creations that are created through sustainability.

Grassroot By Anita Dongre

Grassroot by Anita Dongre is a sustainable clothing line. The brand's products are made of organic cotton & linen, and all are handwoven by women residing in the rural areas of the country. A part of the profits from every collection of the label go to the artisans who have created the garment.

These designers are on a mission to bring about much-needed change in the fashion industry by putting the people and the planet before anything else. We are sure that you will be a conscious buyer now. Invest in sustainable clothes, eco-friendly brands to not only up your fashion game, but to be able to consciously contribute towards the environment. 

To know more about such Sustainable Fashion Labels in India, Check Bodice, Nicobar, No Nasties and other brands on

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