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Top 4 Digital Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Online Store Sales

Bhavya Modi
18 Dec 2018
Bhavya Modi

Bhavya Modi is the Founder and CEO of ZeepZoop, Who Conceptualized the Idea and now leading the Company.

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Digitization has taken over all the markets and eCommerce industry is definitely not the exception here. Gone are the days when retail outlets used to distribute the templates to attract more footprints to their store. These days, even a small grocery store is moving online to be part of this amazing digital world. The first step is to develop a website, but this is not it! Many eCommerce store owners often forget the fact that just a website can’t give you the expected online store sales. You need to use digital marketing to get in front of the potential buyers and then give them an easy to use and secure interface so they can buy which will increase your online store sales. In this article, we will share top 4 digital marketing ideas that actually skyrocket online store sales.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most renowned digital marketing strategies used by the experts. You can write about various things such as,

· Review of the products

· Online shopping guide

· Discount code and coupons

· And more

There are many benefits of starting and maintain a blog as part of your digital marketing campaign. The key benefits are listed below:

· It is free

· It is easy to manage

· It brings a lot of organic traffic (for free)


2. Facebook Marketing

As we all know, Facebook is the number 1 social networking site and it has millions of users. Thus, to increase online store sales, you must target Facebook and don’t hesitate in investing in the paid Facebook ads. Facebook has various types of ads that help online stores such as,

· Boost the post to reach more audience and engagement for a specific post

· Facebook lead ads that are used to generate leads

· Video ads

· And more

You can also list your products in the online store module offered by Facebook for its users. You can reach exact target audience with the Facebook ads and it has to be part of your digital marketing campaign.

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3. Search and Display Ads

Google Adwords has the biggest network of search and display ads and you must take benefit of the paid ads. Along with the Google, there are some other paid ad networks, which can provide good results for increasing online store sales. The Bing ads are quite popular after Google Adwords. Top reasons to use the Pay per Click ads are listed below:

· It can be highly targeted

· It is highly measurable

· You can focus on conversions to skyrocket online store sales

· You can take benefit of Remarketing to increase upsell and cross sell opportunities

· And more

There are different types of PPC ads available, but the three that must be part of your digital marketing strategies are listed below:

· Display ads appear on the Adsense network of sites in an appealing way

· Remarketing ads to bring back the same customer

· Mobile ads to target people who are surfing on the phone


4. Register Your Store on ZeepZoop

ZeepZoop is an amazing platform which can help the online store owners to increase their online store sales by increasing their reach. There are many shoppers that refer ZeepZoop to find the best online stores and listing on this amazing platform can help you attract more sales. Register your brand for some amazing features such as, exclusive map, getting featured on the home page and adding offers to increase the sales. Thus, getting your brand on the ZeepZoop is must for a perfect digital marketing strategy.

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These are the top 4 digital marketing ideas that you must apply to increase the online store sales.

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