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Top 7 Designer Boutiques in Bangalore to Shop

Zarana Rathod
26 Dec 2018
Zarana Rathod

Zarana Rathod is a content marketing strategist and fashion blogger. Love to spend free time indulging in the beautiful world of fashion.

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Every girl wants to look stunning and to look good you need to have a style in you. Often your attire and accessories defines your style. Thus, you must wear designer clothes. There are many good boutiques in Bangalore that offers an amazing range of designer clothes, jewellery and accessories, which can fit into your budget. You don’t need to ask your friends about the list of fashion designers in Bangalore or to give a quick shopping guide for your next style shopping. This article shares the list of top 7 designer boutiques in Bangalore along with a brief Bangalore shopping guide that can help you in choosing the one most perfect boutique in Bangalore for you.

1. Latha Puttanna

If you love trendy Indian wears with some vibrant colors and unconventional looks then this boutique in Bangalore is perfect for you. It has amazing collections to offer to the stylist lady like you for all different types of Indian wears such as, Saree, Lehenga, Salawar, etc. Also this fashion house often launches new collections and conduct fashion events. They are very well known for their bridal wear with a truly southern touch.

Visit Latha Puttanna Store

2. Zahras

It is one of the popular boutiques in Bangalore, which offers the best designer wears exclusively for women. Along with purchasing, they also offer services like tailoring, designing and customizing. This is perfect for the girls that like to have their own style and touch in their clothes instead of limiting themselves with what famous fashion designers in Bangalore want to offer.

Visit Zahras Store

3. Mahitha Prasad

She is in the list of the top famous fashion designers in Bangalore and she has her fashion house in Bangalore, which has unique creations for all different types of women wear, including, but not limited to, festive wear, Indian wear, western wear and indo-western wear.

Visit Mahitha Prasad

4. Outhouse

The attire also includes the accessories and jewellery. The Outhouse is an exclusive store in Bangalore that offers the handcrafted jewellery. It is a fashion brand for women jewellery that offers a very wide variety for different occasions and functions.

Visit Outhouse Store

5. The Open Trunk

It is one of the must have name in your Bangalore shopping guide as it showcases the best designer wears for women that like freshness and variety. It keeps on adding new creations in their offering to delight its fashion freak customers that like to be different.

Visit The Open Trunk Store

6. Sithara Kudige

It is another famous boutique in Bangalore. It is an all in one shopping stop for the ladies as it offers designer wears, bridal wears, accessories and styling services. You can buy for any occasion or even get styled from here.

Visit Sithara Kudige Store

7. Cinnamon

Last, but not the list, in our Bangalore Shopping Guide, we have Cinnamon. It is again a one stop solution to meet your shopping hunger. From stylist clothes to accessories to home décor items, it has something to offer for your all needs.

Visit Cinnamon Store

These are the top stores that must be in your list of Bangalore Shopping Guide to get the style you always wanted to have!

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