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ZeepZoop Houses Desi Hangover: The brand that helps local Cobblers

Zarana Rathod
22 Jan 2019
Zarana Rathod

Zarana Rathod is a content marketing strategist and fashion blogger. Love to spend free time indulging in the beautiful world of fashion.

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For all your shopping crazy fans, having a perfect shopping guide app is like a blessing in disguise. And for being all of you who want such an app which features the most unique, new and trendiest styles, ZeepZoop app is the most perfect option for you.

ZeepZoop is one of the friendliest shopping guides which you could ever use, as it helps you discover the trendiest and latest fashion and lifestyle designer labels from India. The most remarkable thing about ZeepZoop is that it is a location-based app, which means that wherever in India you want to get to know about all the luxurious stores in your vicinity. One of such brands is Desi Hangover.

Desi hangover brand

Desi Hangover has been serving such a tradition which is on the brink of death in India – The cobblers and their craft. This craft goes back to 800 years old and after so much time, it is finally getting the recognition due to Desi Hangover. ‘So, what is it exactly that Desi Hangover does to save this craft?’ you may ask.

Well, Desi Hangover is known to provide skill-based education as well as technological and medical support for the artisans, ensuring that they are happily creating the perfect footwear. It promotes a very healthy lifestyle to the artisans which helps them get more for their livelihood and in turn get more satisfied customers.

It is done by the premium sourcing of the raw materials by Desi Hangover. And it is obvious that artisans are looking for the best quality leather for crafting even beautiful and better homemade footwear.

Desi hangover style

Another remarkable thing about Desi Hangover is that they are directing their profits towards a unanimous cause or what you can say, a very helpful campaign for our country. The profits which are made by Desi Hangover go to the campaign of ‘Adopt a school’, such a school where the artisans would be able to send their children to school. And how is the school run? Well, it is totally run by the profits which are earned from the craft of these artisans.

So, overall it is a win-win situation for everybody. Not only the artisans, but the people are also benefitted from this. And again, all thanks to ZeepZoop for introducing such a brand which is not just profit driven, but also considers giving back to society.

Desi hangover footwear

ZeepZoop acts as a shopping discovery portal which allows you to find luxurious clothing brands, jewellery collection as well as home décor stores online.

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Awesome as it is, ZeepZoop is actually on to something better also. As a part of ZeepZoop, there is a brand namely ‘Desi Hangover’ which has stood up for the oppressed artisans in India and whose craft doesn’t get a chance to come under limelight.

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